Friday, September 28, 2012

AM station going away

La Tuque, Quebec: 1240KHz:
CFLM moving to FM

CFLM-1240 has been granted permission to move to 97.1 FM.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

AM station deleted

Beverly Hills, Florida: 1560KHz:
WINV license cancelled at request of licensee.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New stations in Toronto -- and disappointed applicants

The CRTC has granted two new radio stations in the Toronto area -- and denied 23 applications.

Two applications for AM stations were denied: see post below.

Two applications for FM stations were granted:

Markham, Ontario        105.9 1,600 watts/21m     adult alternative, and 37% ethnic.
Toronto, Ontario         88.1   875 watts/328m    "Indie" rock

21 applications for FM stations were denied:

CIRR-FM                 to move from 103.9
CKFG-FM                 to move from 98.7
CHOQ-FM                 to move from 105.1
CBC                     to relay CJBC AM 860
CFZM                    to relay AM 740
2308739 Ontario Inc.    business news
7954689 Canada Inc.     news/talk
Durham Radio            easy listening
Family FM Inc.          "family friendly" variety mix
Frank Torres            blues/rock
Larche Communications   adult alternative
Michael Wekerie         adult alternative
MTSD Broadcast          ethnic
Newcap Inc.             modern adult
Radio 1540 Ltd.         ethnic
Radio Ryerson Inc.      campus
Skvakkumaran Sivapathasundaram  ethnic
Stanislaus Antony       "emerging genres"
Tosan Lee               ethnic, for English-speaking Asians
Trust Communications    religious
WorldBand Media         news/talk

All 21 proposed the use of 88.1MHz. This frequency became available when CKLN-FM's licence was revoked in January 2011. Radio Ryerson's application was an attempt to reauthorize CKLN.

New AM stations in Canada (not!)

Brampton, Ontario: 1190KHz:
New station denied for non-technical reasons.
Would have been 500 watts daytime only, with South Asian ethnic programming.
Markham, Ontario: 1480 & 1490KHz:
New station denied.
Would have been 1,000 watts daytime on 1480, and 500 watts nighttime on 1490.

CRTC felt this would not be the most efficient use of the spectrum, as it would be possible (presumably through use of a directional antenna) to use 1480 both daytime and nighttime. They also felt the split-frequency operation would be confusing to the audience.

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed call letters recently:

Montgomery, Alabama     1170 WGMP  from WACV
Moultrie, Georgia       1400 WHLJ  from WHBS
Ocean City, Maryland    1590 WAMS  from WQMR
Albuquerque, New Mexico 1550 KRKE  from KIVA
Albuquerque, New Mexico 1600 KIVA  from KRKE
Buffalo, New York        970 WDCZ  from WNED

Monday, September 10, 2012

AM stations going away

Five CBC LPRTs in Alberta are moving to FM
Edson, Alberta: CBXD: from 1540 to 95.3:
Fort Vermilion, Alberta: CBKC from 1460 to 105.1:
Grande Cache, Alberta: CBWI from 1450 to 92.3:
High Level, Alberta: CBKD from 1560 to 99.5:
Rainbow Lake, Alberta: CBXX from 1240 to 101.5:

All five AM stations are 40-watt "LPRTs", and all five will remain LPRTs with 50 watts on FM.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

AM station going away

St-Boniface, Manitoba: 1050KHz:
CKSB to move to FM.

CKSB-1050 is currently operating a 2,800-watt FM relayer in downtown Winnipeg on 90.5. They've applied for permission to move this FM station to 88.1 from the site southwest of the city formerly used by the CBC's analog TV stations there. The move would include a power increase to 100,000 watts.

(the TV stations ironically moved to the downtown site when they converted to digital -- however, CBC's 160kw Radio Two FM transmitter is still at the southwestern site, along with three private stations)

Assuming the power increase is granted for the FM station, the CBC will close AM 1050.

AM station moved to new frequency

Soda Springs, Idaho: 800KHz:
KBRV moved from 790
Power from 5,000 watts daytime/29 watts nighttime to 10,000 watts daytime/150 watts nighttime. Station remains non-directional all hours.