Friday, December 20, 2013

AM station requests move to new frequency

Estevan, Saskatchewan: 1150KHz:
CJSL requests move from 1280.

CJSL and two co-owned FM stations are being forced out of their current tower site; the owner of the mineral rights wants to mine for coal. The stations are moving about 3km to the west. CJSL decided to ask for a better frequency at the same time. 1150 is available because of the closure of CKX, on that frequency in nearby Brandon, Manitoba.

AM station permit cancelled

Reno, Nevada: 550KHz:
Permit for new station cancelled.

(550 Investments)
Expired in September 2012.

Applications for new AM stations dismissed

West Simsbury, Connecticut: 1040KHz:
Application for new station dismissed.

(God Radio Group)

Star, Idaho: 540KHz:
Application for new station dismissed.

(Robert E. Combs)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

AM station proposed frequency & location change

Brantley, Alabama: 920KHz:
WEZZ proposes move from 930 Monroeville.

450 watts non-directional, daytime only. 31-42-26N/86-13-12W.

AM call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:

Location: FreqNew Old
Eagle River, Alaska 1020KVNTKOAN
Coral Springs, Florida 1120WMSXWZBR
Mountain City, Georgia 1340WHTDWELG
Charleston, Illinois 1270WEICWRJM
Brockton, Massachusetts 1410WZBRWMSX
West Yarmouth, Massachusetts1240WBASWBUR
Flemington, New Jersey 1040WNJEWCHR
Trenton, New Jersey 920 WCHRWNJE
Lawton, Oklahoma 1050KXCAKKRX
Lawton, Oklahoma 1380KKRXKXCA
Beaver, Utah 1230KRAMKBEV
Vernal, Utah 1400KBEVKRAM

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AM stations going & gone

Williams Lake, British Columbia: 860KHz:
CBRL moving to 92.1 FM.

(where it will become CBYK-FM-1)

Summersville, West Virginia: 1230KHz:
Permit for new station WSGD expired.

Application for new AM station

Edmonton, Alberta: 580KHz:
Application filed for new station.

10,000 watts day & night; ethnic.
Would take over the frequency abandoned by CKUA, which moved to FM.

Friday, November 29, 2013

FCC releases LPFM applications

The FCC has released the list of applications for new LPFM stations. A dozen or two of these have already been dismissed, either at the request of the applicant or because the same applicant filed more than one application - which is not permitted.

More of these will be dismissed before the FCC is done with them. I know of one in Wisconsin that will fail because the specified tower coordinates are in Canada -- and one in upstate NY which will fail because they propose to locate the transmitter in Kyrgyzstan.

Click here to see the list. It's pretty long!

AM station major move dismissed

Grandview Heights (Columbus), Ohio: 1390KHz:
WBLL's request to move from Bellefontaine dismissed.

WBLL proposed to move to the WOSU-820 (now WVSG) daytime tower in the Ohio State University golf course, with 960 watts daytime & 22 watts nighttime, non-directional.

The proposal appears to have failed over concerns of interference to WMPO, on the same frequency in Middleport, Ohio.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AM auction to be held next spring

The FCC has announced a "closed auction" of AM permits to be held next May. 22 permits will be auctioned.

Here are the groups going to auction:


1450 Montoursville, Pennsylvania       1,000/1,000 ND          
     Austin R. Kennedy LLC
1450 Montoursville, Pennsylvania       1,000/1,000 ND          
     Smith & Fitzgerald Partnership


1470 Coalinga, California              250/250 DA-1            
     La Favorita Broadcasting
1470 Huron, California                 1200/400 DA-2           
     Huron Broadcasting LLC


1490 Lovelock, Nevada                  250/250 ND              
     Matt Tuter
1490 Lovelock, Nevada                  250/250 ND
     IHR Educational Broadcasting


1490 Bend, Oregon                      250/250 ND              
     IHR Educational Broadcasting
1490 Deschutes River Woods, Oregon     1000/1000 ND            
     RAMS I


1490 Bozeman, Montana                  250/250 ND              
     Advance Acquisition
1490 Bozeman, Montana                  1000/1000 ND            
     Chaparral Broadcasting Company


1500 Culver City, California           25000/1000 DA-2         
     Levine/Schwab Partnership
1500 Culver City, California           50000/4300 DA-2         
     Royce International Broadcasting Company


1510 Las Vegas, Nevada                 250/250 ND              
     Lexington Park Broadcasters
1540 Enterprise, Nevada                30000/400 DA-2          
     L. Topaz Enterprises
1540 Spring Valley, Nevada             4531/453 DA-1           
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1550 Whitney, Nevada                   1900/250 DA-N           
     Powell Meredith Communications Company


1600 Huntsville, Alabama               250/250 ND              
     Lexington Park Broadcasters
1600 Warner Robins, Georgia            1000/250 ND             
     Meyer Gottesman
1600 Charlottesville, Virginia         5000/400 DA-N           


1340 Alturas, California               250/250 ND              
     Matt Tuter
1340 Lakeview, Oregon                  250/250 ND              
     Scott Powell


1210 Anchorage, Alaska                 10000/10000 ND          
     Christian Broadcasting
1200 Chugiak, Alaska                   50000/30000 ND          
     Steve King


1370 Cimarron Hills, Colorado          1000/500 DA-2           
     Fireside Media
1370 Colorado Springs, Colorado        300/300 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1370 Colorado Springs, Colorado        50000/250 DA-2          
     Hill & Glover Broadcasting LLC
1370 Bunkerville, Nevada               5000/220 ND             
     Smith & Fitzgerald Partnership
1370 Henderson, Nevada                 350/350 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1370 Henderson, Nevada                 2500/400 DA-2           
     Eastern Sierra Broadcasting
1370 Whitney, Nevada                   14000 DA-D              
     Mark Hellinger                     
     (for WABV-1590 Abbeville, South Carolina to move here)
1370 Las Vegas, New Mexico             1000/250 DA-N           
     Sangre de Cristo Broadcasting Co.


1400 Kachina Village, Arizona          1000/1000 ND            
     RAMS I
1400 Prescott Valley, Arizona          170/170 ND              
     Wireless, Inc.


1400 Waynesboro, Georgia               1000/1000 ND            
     Murphy Broadcasting System
1410 Barnwell, South Carolina          260/253 DA-N            
     Bullie Broadcasting Corporation


1410 Adrian, Michigan                  500/250 DA-N            
     Lenawee Broadcasting Co.
1410 Lebanon, Tennessee                250/250 DA-2            
     Nashville Radio 1410 Inc.


850 Enola, Pennsylvania                2500/2000 DA-2          
     Edward A. Schober
850 Enola, Pennsylvania                750/350 DA-1            
     Hill & Glover Broadcasting


750 San Angelo, Texas                  1000/250 DA-2           
     Bret D. Huggins
760 Canyon, Texas                      250/250 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
760 Idalou, Texas                      500/250 DA-N            
     Gerald Benavides
760 Shallowater, Texas                 341/341 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC


720 Portsmouth, Virginia               2200/1400 DA-2          
     Twin County Broadcasting Corp.      
     (for WWWJ-1360 Galax, Virginia to move here)
720 Windsor, Virginia                  20000/1200 DA-1         
     Charles A. Hecht & Alfredo Alonso


620 Boulder City, Nevada               500/520 DA-2            
     Birach Broadcasting Corp.
620 Henderson, Nevada                  500/250 DA-2            
     Eastern Sierra Broadcasting


1220 Kuna, Idaho                       50000/5000 DA-N         
     Robert E. Combs
1230 Middleton, Idaho                  250/250 ND              
     IHR Educational Broadcasting


1080 Winter Park, Florida              27000/2000 DA-3         
     Genesis Communications              (4000 CH)
     (for WHOO Kissimmee to move here)
1090 Micanopy, Florida                 10000/250 DA-2          
     Rama Communications


1130 Eaton, Colorado                   1000/250 DA-2           
     Advanced Modulation Broadcasting
1130 Ravenna, Nebraska                 12000/600 DA-2          
     Bott Communications


1700 Monsey, New York                  10000/1000 ND           
     Talkline Communications Corp.
1700 Ramapo, New York                  10000/1000 ND           
     Alexander Broadcasting              
     (for WRCR-1300 Spring Valley to move here)
1700 Stony Point Town, New York        10000/1000 DA-N         
     S&B Broadcasting Co.
1700 Town of Haverstraw, New York      10000/1000 ND           
     Polnet Communications

Friday, November 15, 2013

Texas stations deleted

Six co-owned Texas stations -- three AM and three FM -- have surrendered their licenses for cancellation.

The FCC had received information suggesting some or all of the six stations were off the air without the required notification. They sent the stations a letter asking for documentation proving the stations were operating.

The licensee responded by surrendering the stations' licenses.

The six stations in question:

KERB-600 Kermit
KUOL-1470 San Marcos
KCLR-1530 Ralls
KPBE-89.3 Brownwood
KAZF-91.9 Hebbronville
KMFM-100.7 Premont

Letter from FCC to stations:

Letter from stations to FCC:

Thursday, November 07, 2013

AM station going away

St. Stephen, New Brunswick: 990KHz:
CBAO going to 88.1 FM.

Call will change to CBD-FM-1.

AM call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed calls:

Honolulu, Hawaii          650 KPRP from KRTR
Boise, Idaho              730 KNFL from KINF
Auburn, New York         1340 WMBO from WWLF
Darlington, S. Carolina  1400 WJMX from WWRK
Florence, S. Carolina     970 WWRK from WJMX

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Applications for new stations

Surrey, British Columbia: 600KHz:
Application filed for new station.

10,000 watts; news/talk for South Asian immigrants. Station requested 107.7 FM but will accept AM 600 if the FM frequency goes to someone else.

Vancouver, British Columbia: 600KHz:
Applications filed for new station.

10,000 watts. Two applications: one for business news, the other ethnic.

All three applications are mutually exclusive - only one can be granted.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stations gone

The following stations have recently been deleted:

Jean D'Or, Alberta:            CBXH-1540 (to 102.5 FM)
Alice Arm, British Columbia:   CBKL-1150
Parson, British Columbia:      CBKR-740
Elsa, Yukon:                   CBDD-560
Swift River, Yukon:            CBDX-970
Albuquerque, New Mexico:       KDEF-1150
Roswell, New Mexico:           KCRX-1430

The two U.S. stations failed to renew their licenses. Sometimes this is a clerical error; these stations may not actually be dead..

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AM station deleted

Sun Valley, Nevada: 1590KHz:

KQLO license cancelled.

Station was off the air for more than a year.

AM call changes

The following stations have recently changed callsigns:

Roanoke, Alabama          1360 WLWE from WELR
Oroville, California      1340 KNTF from KEWE
St. Louis, Missouri        630 KYFI from KJSL
Enid, Oklahoma            1640 KZLS from KOAG
Lobelville, Tennessee     1570 WMAK from WNKX
Roanoke, Virginia         1410 WRTZ from WRIS
Vancouver, Washington      910 KMTT from KKSN

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AM stations going away

Cartwright, Newfoundland & Labrador: 570KHz:
Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories: 690KHz:
CBNK & CBDO going to FM.

93.9 & 107.5 respectively.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New AM stations: requested & on the air

Kihei, Hawaii: 740KHz:
New station KCIK on the air.

5,000 watts day & night, non-directional.


IHR Educational Broadcasting

Fairbanks, Alaska: 1340KHz:
Application filed for new station.

1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.


Voice for Christ Ministries

Friday, September 20, 2013

FCC issues NPRM on AM improvement

You've probably read about FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai's AM improvement initiative. To date, it's been all talk.

At the NAB Radio Show in Orlando, on Wednesday Acting Chair Mignon Clyburn announced a formal Notice of Proposed Rulemaking has been circulated. I haven't seen the text of the NPRM yet, but in her comments at the show she said it includes:

  1. A special filing window for new FM translators. Each existing AM licensee and each construction permit for a new AM station will be allowed to apply for one new FM translator in their service area.

    Some observers have interpreted this as a FCC guarantee that every AM station will get a FM relay. I'm pretty confident that interpretation is incorrect. The FCC is currently processing thousands of FM translator applications that are already on file. A filing window for new LPFM stations will open in a few weeks. By the time these two groups of applications are processed, I think most AM stations in urban areas will find there are no available frequencies for FM translators.

    However, Clyburn's proposal could be beneficial for AM stations in rural areas.

  2. Relaxing the minimum signal strength required across the city of license during the day.
  3. Relaxing the minimum signal strength required across the city of license at night.

    These two proposals would make it easier for AM stations to move to new sites. (as is often required when the land the station is on is more valuable than the station..) The station may not be able to find a site where they can erect an antenna system that would provide an adequate signal across their current city of license, and they may not be able to change their city of license due to various non-technical regulations.

  4. Eliminating the "rachet rule". This rule requires an AM station making a technical change to reduce the interference it causes to other stations.
  5. Making it easier to employ "MDCL" technology, where the station's transmitter power is continuously adjusted to be just enough to accommodate the volume of the program material at any particular moment. MDCL is more efficient, it reduces electricity costs.
  6. Reduce the required efficiency of an AM transmitting antenna by about 25%. This will allow the use of shorter towers.

This is a notice of PROPOSED rulemaking, it doesn't mean any of these actions WILL happen. However, two Commissioners are obviously on board. There are only three Commissioners right now.. I suspect we'll see most if not all of this happen.

And it is, IMHO, the wrong way to go.

The goal, especially of points 2, 3, 4, and 6, is to prop up AM stations that would otherwise find it impossible to continue. In my opinion, the only thing that will truly save AM radio is to thin out the band, getting rid of as many stations as possible. (up to about 80% of existing stations)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Permit granted for new AM station

Blue Diamond, Nevada: 1020KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

5,000 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
Directional day & night with different patterns.

Blue Diamond is near Las Vegas.

(Automated Business Services, Inc.)

AM call changes

The following stations have changed callsigns recently:

Pine Island Center, Florida   1200 WJUA from WINK
Mountain City, Georgia        1340 WELG from WALH
West Fargo, North Dakota      1660 KLTA from KQWB
Corry, Pennsylvania           1370 WWCB from WHYP
Selah, Washington              980 KTCR from KBBO
Yakima, Washington            1390 KBBO from KTCR

Sunday, August 18, 2013

AM stations gone in Mexico

Thanks to Jim Thomas for passing along a Mexican government document listing recent broadcasting decisions. The following stations have ceased AM operations, having simulcast on FM for a year and now permanently moved to FM:
XEMG-1250    Arriaga, Chiapas
XECHZ-1560   Chapa de Corzo, Chiapas
XEUI-800     Comitan de Dominguez, Chiapas
XEFRT-890    Comitan de Dominguez, Chiapas
XEKY-1280    Huixtla, Chiapas
XEWM-640     San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
XEOE-810     Tapachula, Chiapas
XETAK-900    Tapachula, Chiapas
XEUE-580     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XEON-710     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XEIO-840     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XEVV-920     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XETUG-950    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XETG-990     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XERPR-1070   Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XELM-1240    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XEUD-1360    Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
XEVF-730     Villa Flores, Chiapas
XEIK-830     Piedras Negras, Coahuila
XEYD-1410    6 de Octubre, Coahuila (105.1 FM)
XEEJ-650     Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
XELH-670     Acaponeta, Nayarit
XESL-1340    San Luis Potosi, S.L.P.
XEVZ-1210    Acayucan, Veracruz
XEID-990     Alamo, Veracruz
XEAVR-720    Alvarado, Veracruz
XEBD-1210    Banderilla, Veracruz
XEHV-1310    Boca del Rio, Veracruz
XELL-1430    Boca del Rio, Veracruz
XEU-930      Boca del Rio, Veracruz
XEOM-590     Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz
XEDZ-580     Cordova, Veracruz
XESIC-670    Cordova, Veracruz
XEAG-1280    Cordova, Veracruz
XEQO-980     Cosamaloapan, Veracruz
XEMI-1070    Cosoleacaque, Veracruz
XEAFQ-1420   Cosoleacaque, Veracruz
XEQRV-770    El Pando, Veracruz
XEBE-1160    El Progreso, Veracruz
XEGF-740     Gutierrez Zamora, Veracruz
XETQ-850     Ixhuatlancillo, Veracruz
XEOV-1240    Ixhuatlancillo, Veracruz
XEKL-550     Jalapa, Veracruz
XEJA-610     Jalapa, Veracruz
XEZL-1130    Jalapa, Veracruz
XEJH-1460    Jalapa, Veracruz
XELE-920     Los Pichones, Veracruz
XEMCA-1090   Los Pichones, Veracruz
XEHU-1300    Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz
XEHTY-1330   Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz
XEKM-1450    Minatitlan, Veracruz
XEPT-1590    Misantla, Veracruz
XEAFA-690    Nanchital, Veracruz (99.3 FM)
XEGB-960     Nanchital, Veracruz
XEGR-1040    Orizaba, Veracruz
XEPV-840     Papantla de Olarte, Veracruz
XERRR-1270   Papantla de Olarte, Veracruz
XEGN-1180    Piedras Negras, Veracruz
XECOV-790    Poza Rica, Veracruz
XEXK-1080    Poza Rica, Veracruz
XEPW-1200    Poza Rica, Veracruz
XEJD-1450    Poza Rica, Veracruz
XEVC-700     Pueblo de las Flores, Veracruz
XEKG-820     Pueblo de las Flores, Veracruz
XEYV-880     Pueblo de Santa Leticia, Veracruz

XEIK-1360    Piedras Negras, Coahuila 
has been granted permission to move to 96.7 FM as XHIK-FM.
Other stations which have received permission to move to FM but have not yet done so:
XENM-1320    Jesus Maria, Aguascalientes
XESU-790     Mexicali, Baja California         XHSU-FM 105.9
XEBCS-1050   La Paz, Baja California Sur
XERU-1310    Chihuahua, Chihuahua
XEPU-1110    Monclova, Coahuila
XEWX-660     Durango, Durango                  XHWX-FM 98.1
XEDRD-820    Durango, Durango                  XHDRD-FM 106.1
XEPI-990     Palo Redondo, Guanajuato          XHEPI-FM 99.7
XEMZA-560    Cihuatlan, Jalisco                XHMZA-FM 89.7
XELIA-1140   Morelia, Michoacan                XHLIA-FM 103.3
XEXE-1090    Queretaro, Queretaro              XHXE-FM 92.7
XEOBS-1070   Cd. Obregon, Sonora               XHOBS-FM 92.1
XETQE-1120   Tenosique, Tabasco
XECOV-790    Poza Rica, Veracruz               XHCOV-FM 105.9
XEIH-770     Fresnillo, Zacatecas              XHIH-FM 103.3

Strangely enough, two new AM stations seem to have been approved in Mexico State: XEGEM-1600 Metepec and XETEJ-1250 Tejupilco de Hidalgo.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New AM station on the air

Merrill, Oregon: 1240KHz:
KRJW now on the air.

1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Cove Road Publishing
Merrill is near Klamath Falls.

AM station going away

Grand Forks, British Columbia: 860KHz:
CBRJ going to FM.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

AM stations gone/going away

Kedgwick, New Brunswick: 990KHz:
CBAF-20 going to 98.1 FM

Hartsville, South Carolina: 1490KHz:
WJDJ license canceled at request of licensee

Friday, August 09, 2013

AM stations going away?

The following stations failed to file applications to renew their licenses and have been theoretically deleted. However, many recent such incidents have been clerical errors - do not assume these stations are actually dead:

Hemphill, Texas            1240 KPBL
Manor, Texas               1440 KELG
Pflugerville, Texas        1600 KOKE
West Lake Hills, Texas     1560 KTXZ

Recent AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed callsigns recently:

Santa Maria, California          1360 KVSM (new station)
Fort Myers, Florida              1240 WFWN from WFSX
Connersville, Indiana            1580 WLPK from WIFE
St. Louis, Missouri               630 KYFI from KJSL
Black Mountain, North Carolina   1010 WKJW from WLYT
Red Oak, North Carolina          1190 WNCR (new station)
Washington, Utah                 1210 KHKR from KUNF
Evansville, Wyoming              1580 KKTS from KLNQ

Monday, July 29, 2013

This blog & Monitoring Times Magazine

As you may have read here, Monitoring Times is coming to an end at the end of 2013.

This blog, however, isn't. I expect to continue posting news of interest to the domestic-band radio listener as it comes available.

Stay tuned.

AM station going away

St.-Quentin, New Brunswick: 1230KHz:
CBAF-21 going to 91.1 FM

Friday, July 19, 2013

AM station gone

Hugo, Oklahoma: 1340KHz:
KIHN license expired on June 1st.
KIHN may not be as "gone" as it looks though. Some of these recent license expirations have been the result of clerical foulups. An Oklahoma FM license also expired on June 1st.

AM station going away

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta: 1450KHz:
CBKE going to 99.9 FM.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Application for new AM station

Montreal, Quebec: 1610KHz:
Application filed for new station.

A new ethnic station proposes to take over the frequency made available when CJWI moved to 1410.

Recent AM call changes

The following stations have recently changed callsigns:

Fort Myers, Florida              770 WJBX from WWCN
Bridgeport, Michigan            1250 WHHQ from WNEM
Black Mountain, N. Carolina     1010 WLYT from WFGW
Black Mountain, N. Carolina     1010 WKJW from WLYT
Braddock, Pennsylvania          1550 WZUM from WLFP
Copper Hill, Tennessee          1400 WLYY from WLSB
Powell, Tennessee               1040 WJBE from WWAM

AM station moved to new frequency

Belen, New Mexico: 840KHz:
KARS moved from 860.

1,800 watts daytime
30 watts nighttime
a move of roughly 20 miles to the north, into Albuquerque.

Friday, July 05, 2013

AM station going away

Belgrade, Montana: 640KHz:
KGVW license cancelled at request of licensee.

Permit granted for new station

Anchorage, Alaska: 1310KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

10,000 watts daytime
8,100 watts nighttime
Non-directional all hours

61-29-06N/ 149-45-46W

co-owned with KATB 89.3 FM.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Permit granted for new station

Red Oak, North Carolina: 1190KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

9,200 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
Directional at night only.
(On The Map)
Red Oak is near Rocky Mount.

Proposed new AM station dismissed

Mililani Town, Hawaii: 1230KHz:

New station application dismissed

Americast Media

Frequency change proposed for AM station

Tampa, Florida: 1100KHz:
WTIS proposes move from 1110.

Add 150 watts at night, directional with a different pattern from daytime.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New AM station authorized (Canada)

Montreal, Quebec: 850KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

50,000 watts daytime; 22,000 watts nighttime. Sports, in French.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

AM stations going away

Middleton, Idaho: 1400KHz:
Santa Clara, Utah: 1290KHz:
KXIV & KNFC going silent

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

AM station going away

Carnegie, Pennsylvania: 1590KHz:
WZUM license cancelled

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:
Centre, Alabama          1560 WLYG from WZTQ
Victorville, California  1590 KVTR from KRSX
Coral Springs, Florida   1120 WZBR from WFNX
Kihei, Hawaii             740 KCIK for new station
Jeffersonville, Indiana  1450 WXVW from WQKC
Rockland, Maine          1450 WVOM from WRKD
Malmstrom AFB, Montana   1490 KHTC from KGFR
Merrill, Oregon          1240 KRJW for new station
Spokane, Washington      1280 KZFS from KPTQ

Friday, May 31, 2013

AM stations: going, going , gone

Cartwright, Labrador: 570KHz:
CBNK going to 93.9 FM.

Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories: 690KHz:
CBDO going to 107.5 FM.

Washington, Pennsylvania: 1110KHz:
WZKV license cancelled at request of licensee.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

AM station requests frequency change

Destin, Florida: 1140KHz:
WNWF requests move from 1120.

3,000 watts daytime; 12 watts nighttime; 2,400 watts critical hours.

WNWF will remain non-directional at its existing site.

More AM stations going away (Canada)

Wainwright, Alberta: 830KHz:
Weymontachie, Quebec: 750KHz:
CKKY & CBFA-3 moving to FM.

101.9 & 92.3 respectively.

Friday, April 19, 2013

AM stations going away

Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories: 690KHz:
Fort Providence, Northwest Territories: 1230KHz:
Request moves to 99.9 & 98.9 FM respectively.

The CRTC has not yet acted on these requests, but they're almost always granted.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AM stations gone or going away

Lakeview, Oregon: 1230KHz:
KQIK license cancelled.

Hudson, Ontario: 1340KHz:
CBQW going silent, replaced by FM in Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout, Ontario: 1240KHz:
CBLS moving to FM 95.3, 500 watts.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

AM station moved to new frequency

Milan, New Mexico: 1090KHz:
KQNM moved from 1100

New site: 35-09-05N/107-52-34W

Call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed callsigns:

Port Hueneme, California  1520 KUNX from KVTA
Ventura, California       1590 KVTA from KUNX
Brookport, Illinois        750 WRIK from WTHQ
Biddeford, Maine          1400 WGIN from WVAE
Reno, Nevada              1230 KSGG from KJFK
Los Ranchos de            1240 KDSK from KALY
  Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Houston, Texas            1230 KCOH from KQUE
Houston, Texas            1430 KSHJ from KCOH
Rosenburg, Texas           980 KQUE from KRTX

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

AM station going away (Canada)

St. Boniface/Winnipeg, Manitoba; 1050KHz:
CKSB moving to FM.

CKSB-1050 has been granted permission to move to 88.1 FM. Technically, the "city of license" will change from St. Boniface to Winnipeg, although St. Boniface has been a ward of Winnipeg since 1971.

FM relay station CKSB-10-FM on 90.5 will also be deleted. Its coverage area will be completely enclosed by that of the new 88.1 station.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

AM station deleted

Vancleve, Kentucky: 730KHz:
WMTC license cancelled at request of licensee.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AM call changes

Just a few this time:

Robertsdale, Alabama   1000 WDXZ  from WBZR
Eminence, Kentucky     1600 WLRS  from WLUE
Greenfield, Wisconsin  1290 WZTI  from WMCS

Monday, March 11, 2013

Next car: no radio?

"AM and FM are being eliminated from the dash of two car companies within two years and will be eliminated from the dash of all cars within five years." Hmmm.

Interesting link: find the strongest stations at your location

On this site, you can find a calculator which will take your ZIP code & return a list of the strongest AM and FM stations at that location.

CKGM-690 Montreal: to either remain English or go silent...

The silent 690 frequency in Montreal was recently resurrected with English-language sports talk. The station's owners had applied to sell 690 & convert it to French -- an application which was denied. They've now filed for a different set of changes. The station will remain English, but only if a waiver is granted permitting ownership of two Montreal English AM stations (690 and CJAD-800) along with two English FMs. Ordinarily, they would only be allowed one English AM station. According to Scott Fybush's site, if the waiver is denied, 690 will be taken off the air. (again) (making it the third time this 50,000-watt frequency has gone silent...)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Permit granted for new AM station

Draper, Utah: 780KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

1,000 watts daytime
250 watts nighttime
Directional, different patterns night & day

West side of Jordan River, just north of I-215, Taylorsville. (a Salt Lake City suburb)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AM station going away (Canada)

Tulita, Northwest Territories: 920KHz:
CBQI moving to 100.9 FM.

Tulita is also listed as Fort Norman in some references.

Application filed for new AM station

Red Oak, North Carolina: 1190KHz:
Application filed for new station.

9,200 watts daytime
1,000 watts nighttime
directional at night only

west of I-95 between Hwy. 43 and US-64, northwest of Rocky Mount.

"On The Map"

Monday, February 25, 2013

AM stations going/gone (Canada)

Edmonton, Alberta: 580KHz:
Tillsonburg, Ontario: 1510KHz:
CKUA & CKOT deleted.

Both stations had been relayed on FM for some time; in both cases, the operators felt there was no point in continuing to pay the costs of operating the AM transmitters.

CKOT was the last daytime-only AM station in Canada.

Friday, February 15, 2013

New AM station on the air

Bethel Heights, Arkansas: 1340KHz:
KFMD on the air.
36-12-43N/94-07-38W, just north of Springdale.
1,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
Hog Radio, Inc.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Permit granted for new station (and application denied)

Anchorage, Alaska: 1470KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

10,000 watts day & night, non-directional.
61-29-06N/149-45-46W, well to the north of other Anchorage stations.
Christian Broadcasting, Inc., owners of KATB-89.3 FM. They have two other applications for new AM stations on file, for 1210 and 1310KHz.

A competing application by Thomas Sweeney to use the same frequency here has been dismissed.

AM station moved to new frequency

Asheboro, North Carolina: 700KHz:
WZOO moved from 710.

Changed from directional (two towers) to non-directional. (single tower)

Friday, January 25, 2013

AM stations moving to new frequencies

Belen, New Mexico: 840KHz:
KARS moving from 860 to 840.

1,800 watts daytime; 30 watts nighttime; non-directional. Tower moving to 35-00-31N/106-42-52W.

St. Stephen, South Carolina: 1120KHz:
WEAF moving from 1130 to 1120.

390 watts daytime only, non-directional; 33-26-26N/79-59-49W. The city is also changing, from Camden, South Carolina.

New AM station on the air

Holt, Alabama: 1340KHz:
New station WMHZ has filed for a license-to-cover.

1,000 watts day & night, non-directional; 33-12-52N/87-29-22W. Holt is a suburb of Tuscaloosa.

AM station going away

Port au Choix, Newfoundland & Labrador: 790KHz:
CFNW has applied to move to 96.7 FM.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AM stations deleted

The following AM stations have surrendered their licenses for cancellation:

Forest, Mississippi         850 WQST
Starkville, Mississippi     980 WKOR

AM call changes

The following AM stations have changed calls recently:

Bethel Heights, Arkansas   1340 KFMD  (new station)
Arroyo Grande, California   890 KIHC  from KLFF
Olivehurst, California      890 KDPP  (new station)
New Orleans, Louisiana      690 WQNO  from WIST
North Las Vegas, Nevada    1140 KXST  from KYDZ
Paradise, Nevada            970 KNIH  from KNUU
Enid, Oklahoma             1640 KOAG  from KFXY
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania   1150 WHUN  from WLLI
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  950 WKDN  from WPEN
Cameron, Texas             1330 KTON  from KTAE
Madison, Wisconsin         1670 WOZN  from WTDY

AM stations going away (Canada)

Murdochville, Quebec: 750 & 1270KHz:
CBMJ & CBGA-6 to be deleted.

These 40-watt LPRT stations are moving to 99.5 & 97.7 FM respectively. CBMJ carries English-language CBC Radio 1; CBGA-6 is Radio-Canada's French-language station there.

Application for new AM station

Montreal, Quebec: 850KHz:
Application filed for new station.

50,000 watts daytime
22,000 watts nighttime
to be French-language all-sports.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Permit granted for new AM station

Santa Maria de Ocotan, Durango, Mexico: 960KHz:
Permit granted for new station.

XETPH, to be 5,000 watts daytime only, non-directional.

Mexican AM stations going to FM

I recently located COFETEL's search page for broadcasting decisions in Mexico. (You might regard COFETEL -- ComisiĆ³n Federal de Telecomunicaciones -- as the "Mexican FCC") I've been able to compile a list of Mexican AM stations which have been granted permission to move to FM. I do not promise this list is complete -- the website above doesn't seem to contain listings prior to 2010. Note that some rather large stations -- like XEWA-540 and XEDM-1580 -- are on this list.
State & city           AM frequency  Callsign  FM frequency
AG Aguascalientes               740  XELTZ     106.1
AG Aguascalientes               790  XEBI       88.7
AG Aguascalientes               860  XEPLA      91.3
AG Aguascalientes               950  XECAA     100.9
AG Aguascalientes              1050  XEDC      104.5
AG Aguascalientes              1170  XEUVA      90.5
AG Aguascalientes              1200  XEAGA      95.7
AG Aguascalientes              1240  XERO       98.9
AG Aguascalientes              1400  XEAC      106.9
AG El Sauz                      660  XEEY      102.9
BN Cd. Morelos                 1080  XEDY      107.1
BN Ensenada                     730  XEEBC      97.9
BN Ensenada                    1010  XEDX      100.3
BN Ensenada                    1400  XEPF       89.1
BN Ensenada                    1590  XEHC       92.1
BN Tecate                      1390  XEKT       88.5
BS Bahia Asuncion              1100  XEBAC      95.7
BS Bahia Tortugas              1310  XEBTS      96.5
BS Cd. Constitucion            1440  XEVSD      97.5
BS El Centenario               1080  XEPAB      98.3
BS El Centenario               1310  XELPZ      92.7
BS La Paz                       790  XENT       97.5
BS La Paz                       990  XEHZ      105.5
BS Loreto                       730  XELBC      95.7
BS Punta Abreojos              1200  XEPAS      94.9
BS San Jose del Cabo            660  XESJC      93.1
BS Santa Rosalia                940  XERLA      95.7
BS Santa Rosalia               1320  XESR       91.7
CE Campeche                    1290  XEA       102.7
CE Campeche                    1430  XERAC      97.3
CE Cd. del Carmen               950  XEMAB     101.3
CE Champoton                   1560  XESE       96.7
CE Escarcega                    820  XEESC     103.9
CE Palizada                    1290  XETH      106.5
CH Arriaga                     1250  XEMG       94.3
CH Cacahoatan                  1350  XECAH      89.1
CH Chiapa de Corzo             1560  XECHZ     107.9
CH Cintalapa                    560  XEIN       89.9
CH Comitan                      540  XEMIT     107.9
CH Comitan                      800  XEUI       99.1
CH Comitan                      890  XEFRT      92.5
CH Huixtla                      930  XEMK      104.3
CH Huixtla                     1280  XEKY       97.1
CH Pichucalco                   670  XEOB       91.3
CH San Cristobal de las Casas   640  XEWM       95.3
CH Tapachula                    590  XEZZZ      99.5
CH Tapachula                    680  XEKQ       93.1
CH Tapachula                    780  XETS       94.7
CH Tapachula                    810  XEOE       96.3
CH Tapachula                    900  XETAK     103.5
CH Tapachula                    960  XETAP      98.7
CH Tonala                       860  XEDB      101.5
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             580  XEUE       99.3
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             710  XEON       92.3
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             840  XEIO       91.1
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             920  XEVV      101.7
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             950  XETUG     103.5
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez             990  XETG       90.3
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez            1070  XERPR      88.3
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez            1240  XELM      105.9
CH Tuxtla Gutierrez            1360  XEUD      100.1
CH Villaflores                  730  XEVF      103.9
CI Cd. Camargo                  750  XEOH       96.1
CI Cd. Cuauhtemoc               550  XEPL       91.3
CI Cd. Cuauhtemoc               710  XEDP       89.7
CI Cd. Cuauhtemoc               900  XEDT       98.3
CI Cd. Cuauhtemoc               990  XEER       92.9
CI Cd. Delicias                 660  XEACB      98.9
CI Cd. Delicias                 980  XEJK      102.1
CI Cd. Delicias                1180  XEDCH      95.3
CI Cd. Delicias                1480  XEHM       90.5
CI Cd. Delicias                1590  XEBZ      100.5
CI Cd. Jimenez                 1320  XEJZ       92.9
CI Cd. Madera                   970  XESW       96.1
CI Chihuahua                    580  XEFI       96.5
CI Chihuahua                    680  XEFO       92.5
CI Chihuahua                    760  XEES      102.5
CI Chihuahua                    790  XERPC      99.3
CI Chihuahua                    850  XEM       103.7
CI Chihuahua                   1010  XELO      100.9
CI Chihuahua                   1040  XEHES      94.1
CI Ejido Robinson               620  XEBU       91.7
CI Ejido Robinson               920  XEQD       95.7
CI Ejido Robinson              1280  XEBW       93.3
CI Hidalgo del Parral          1000  XEHPC     100.1
CI Nuevo Casas Grandes          540  XETX       90.5
CI Nuevo Sacramento             880  XEV       101.7
CI Ojinaga                     1260  XEOG      101.7
CI Piedras Negras              1240  XEVM      100.9
CL Cd. Allende                 1380  XEVD       93.9
CL Frontera                     560  XEGIK     106.3
CL Frontera                    1480  XEXU       94.7
CL La Loma                      730  XEPQ      106.7
CL Monclova                     970  XEMF       96.3
CL Monclova                    1170  XEMDA     104.9
CL Monclova                    1330  XEWQ      103.1
CL Nueva Rosita                 950  XEYJ      105.1
CL Nueva Rosita                 980  XENR       89.1
CL Piedras Negras               830  XEIK       96.7
CL Sabinas                      610  XEBX      105.9
CL Sabinas                     1250  XESC       97.7
CL Saltillo                     610  XESAC      99.3
CL Saltillo                     810  XEIM       91.3
CL Saltillo                     930  XESHT     102.5
CL Saltillo                    1330  XEAJ       88.9
CL San Pedro                   1150  XEBF       98.3
CL Seis de Octubre             1410  XEYD      105.1
CL Torreon                      740  XEQN      105.9
CL Torreon                      880  XETC       91.1
CL Villa Union                 1520  XEVUC      95.9
CL Zaragoza                     800  XEZR       97.3
CY Colima                       710  XERL       98.9
CY Colima                       930  XETTT     104.5
CY Colima                      1020  XEVE       93.3
CY Colima                      1430  XECOC      99.7
CY Manzanillo                   860  XEAL       97.7
CY Manzanillo                  1330  XEMAC      95.3
CY Tecoman                      810  XEMAX     106.1
DG Durango                      620  XECK       95.7
DG Durango                      660  XEWX       98.1
DG Durango                      820  XEDRD     106.1
DG Durango                      860  XEDU       98.9
DG Durango                     1470  XECAV     101.3
DG Gomez Palacio                570  XETJ       94.7
DG Gomez Palacio                600  XEDN      101.1
DG Gomez Palacio                790  XEGZ       99.5
DG Gomez Palacio               1010  XEVK      106.7
DG Gomez Palacio               1450  XEBP       90.3
DG Mesa San Antonio             560  XESRD      89.3
GR Acapulco                     550  XEACD      92.1
GR Acapulco                     750  XEKOK     107.5
GR Acapulco                     950  XEACA     106.3
GR Acapulco                    1030  XEVP       95.3
GR Acapulco                    1340  XECI      104.7
GR Acapulco                    1400  XEKJ       89.7
GR Arcelia                     1450  XERY       94.3
GR Cd. Altamirano               780  XEXY       89.5
GR Chilapa de Alvarez           770  XESUR      93.5
GR Chilpancingo                1050  XEZUM     105.1
GR Iguala                       880  XEIG      106.5
GR Iguala                      1360  XEKF       90.5
GR San Jeronimito               630  XEJR       95.3
GR Taxco                        960  XEXC       96.1
GR Tixtla Guerrero              990  XEPI       99.7
GR Zihuatanejo                  960  XEUQ      101.9
GT Acambaro                    1160  XEVW       90.5
GT Celaya                      1360  XEY        96.7
GT Celaya                      1540  XENC      102.9
GT Cuartel de Pozos             800  XEGX       92.5
GT Dolores Hidalgo             1370  XEJE       96.3
GT El Puesto                    740  XEOF      101.9
GT El Puesto                    840  XEFG       89.1
GT Irapuato                    1080  XECN       88.5
GT Irapuato                    1180  XEYA       91.9
GT Irapuato                    1420  XEWE      107.9
GT Leon                         910  XEACN     107.1
GT Leon                        1000  XERZ       93.1
GT Leon                        1140  XEXF      103.1
GT Leon                        1390  XERW      101.1
GT Pozo de Parras              1470  XEIRG     102.7
GT Praderas de la Soledad       950  XECEL     103.7
GT Quinta Noriega               680  XELG       95.5
GT San Jose de la Sonaja       1330  XEBO      105.5
GT San Miguel de Allende       1280  XESQ      103.3
JA Ameca                        900  XEED       99.1
JA Atotonilco El Alto           940  XEHE-FM   105.5
JA Autlan de Navarro            780  XELD      103.9
JA Autlan de Navarro           1260  XEJY      101.5
JA Cd. Guzman                   670  XEIS      106.3
JA Jamay                       1090  XELB      104.7
JA Lagos de Moreno             1030  XELJ      105.7
JA Morelos                      550  XEZK       96.7
JA Puerto Vallarta              650  XEEJ       93.5
JA Tamaliagua                   600  XELAZ      93.5
JA Tamazula de Gordiano         840  XEXXX      97.5
MC Atlacomulco de Fabela       1170  XERLK     104.7
MC Valle de Bravo              1580  XEVAB      93.5
MH Apatzingan                   770  XEML       98.3
MH El Jaral                    1190 XESOL    103.9
MH La Piedad                   1230  XELP       89.9
MH Lazaro Cardenas              920  XELCM      95.7
MH Los Reyes de Salgado        1000  XEGQ       92.5
MH Morelia                      870  XELY       92.3
MH Morelia                      960  XEMM      101.7
MH Morelia                     1240  XERPA     102.5
MH Morelia                     1300  XEKW       89.3
MH Morelia                     1400  XEI       100.9
MH Patzcuaro                    690  XEXL       94.9
MH Tejerias                    1320  XENI       93.7
MH Uruapan                      750  XEURM     102.1
MH Uruapan                     1160  XEIW      101.3
MH Zacapu                       850  XEZI       98.5
MH Zamora                       650  XEZM      103.9
MH Zamora                      1260  XEQL       91.7
MH Zamora                      1490  XEGT       94.1
MH Zitacuaro                    700  XELX       95.1
MR Jojutla                     1190  XEJPA      90.3
NA Acaponeta                    670  XELH       98.1
NA Bucerias                     910  XENAY     105.1
NA El Conchal                  1130  XELUP      89.1
NA Ixtlan del Rio              1050  XERIO     106.9
NA Jarretaderas                 590  XECJU      95.9
NA Ruiz                        1490  XESK      106.7
NA Santiago Ixcuintla           950  XEZE       92.9
NA Santiago Ixcuintla          1240  XESI       92.1
NA Tecuala                      570  XETD       92.5
NA Tepic                        620  XEOO       96.1
NA Tepic                        710  XERK      104.9
NA Tepic                        890  XEPNA     101.9
NA Tepic                        980  XEXT      107.3
NA Tepic                       1020  XEPIC      98.5
NL Linares                      830  XELN      105.7
NL Linares                     1260  XER       104.9
OX El Vigia                     650  XEPX       99.9
OX Huajuapan de Leon           1020  XEOU      105.3
OX Juchitan                    1030  XETEKA     91.7
OX Juchitan                    1180  XEAH       90.1
OX Oaxaca                       570  XEOA       94.9
OX Oaxaca                       820  XEYN      102.9
OX Oaxaca                      1080  XEAX       93.7
OX Oaxaca                      1120  XEZB      101.7
OX Oaxaca                      1240  XECE       95.7
OX Pinotepa Nacional            920  XEPNX      98.1
OX Putla de Guerrero            740  XEPOR      98.7
OX San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec  1150  XEXP      106.5
OX San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec  1320  XEUH       96.9
OX Santa Cruz de Amilpa         710  XERPO      97.7
OX Santa Maria Asuncion Tlaxia  830  XETLX     100.5
OX Santo Domingo Tehuantepec    610  XEKZ       98.1
PU Cd. Serdan                  1340  XELU       93.5
PU Chignautla                   910  XEOL       99.7
PU Huauchinango                 870  XENG       97.5
PU Ixtlahuaca                  1130  XETOL     102.9
PU Izucar de Matamoros          980  XEFS       91.1
PU San Martin Texmelucan       1540  XERTP      90.7
PU Tehuacan                    1070  XEGY      100.7
PU Tehuacan                    1230  XETCP      90.7
PU Tehuacan                    1420  XEWJ      102.9
PU Teziutlan                    680  XEFJ       95.1
PU Xicotepec de Juarez          570  XEVJP      92.7
QR Chetumal                     560  XEQAA      99.3
QR Chetumal                     960  XEROO     101.7
QR Felipe Carrillo Puerto      1030  XENKA     104.5
QR Santa Martha                1100  XECAN     102.7
QT Jalpan de Serra              850  XEJAQ     107.1
QT La Noria                     670  XEQG      107.9
QT Queretaro                   1020  XEKH       91.7
QT Queretaro                   1090  XEXE       92.7
QT Queretaro                   1120  XEGV      106.5
QT Queretaro                   1250  XEJX       88.7
QT Queretaro                   1310  XEHY       93.9
QT Queretaro                   1450  XENA      104.9
SL Cd. Valles                   600  XECV       98.1
SL Cd. Valles                  1120  XETR       99.7
SL Cd. Valles                  1260  XEXR      106.9
SL Los Paisanos                1070  XEEI       93.1
SL Matehuala                   1400  XEWU       96.9
SL Matehuala                   1490  XEFF       89.3
SL Rio Verde                    650  XEIY       91.7
SL Rio Verde                    880  XEEM       94.5
SL San Luis Potosi              960  XECZ      104.9
SL San Luis Potosi             1340  XESL      102.1
SL Soledad de Sanchez Graciano  540  XEWA      103.9
SN Bellavista                  1230  XEEX       88.7
SN Chametla                     600  XEHW       90.1
SN Culiacan                     750  XECSI      89.5
SN Culiacan                     830  XEVQ       96.9
SN Culiacan                     890  XENZ       92.9
SN Culiacan                     920  XECQ      104.1
SN Culiacan                    1010  XEWS      102.5
SN Culiacan                    1200  XEWT       97.7
SN Culiacan                    1260  XESA      101.7
SN Escuinapa                   1340  XEQE       94.3
SN Guamuchil                   1300  XEJL       99.3
SN Guasave                      610  XEGS      106.1
SN Guasave                      680  XEORO      93.7
SN Los Mochis                   540  XEHS       90.9
SN Los Mochis                   650  XETNT     106.5
SN Los Mochis                   740  XECW       96.5
SN Los Mochis                   770  XEREV     104.3
SN Los Mochis                  1000  XEMIL      90.1
SN Los Mochis                  1130  XEMOS      94.1
SN Los Mochis                  1410  XECF       93.3
SN Los Mochis                  1450  XECU       91.7
SN Mazatlan                     690  XEST       94.7
SN Mazatlan                     870  XEFIL      88.9
SN Mazatlan                     970  XEVOX      98.7
SN Mazatlan                    1000  XEMMS      97.9
SN Mazatlan                    1290  XENX      104.3
SN Mazatlan                    1320  XERJ      107.5
SN San Blas                    1030  XEMPM      98.9
SO Caborca                      570  XEUK       95.3
SO Caborca                      970  XEEZ       90.7
SO Caborca                     1170  XEIB       89.9
SO Cd. Obregon                  860  XEHX      101.7
SO Cd. Obregon                 1150  XESO      104.9
SO Cd. Obregon                 1340  XEOS      105.7
SO El Sifon                     730  XESOS      97.3
SO Guaymas                      630  XEFX      101.3
SO Guaymas                      710  XEPS      102.1
SO Hermosillo                   680  XESON      88.9
SO Hermosillo                   920  XEHQ       97.1
SO Hermosillo                   950  XEPB       93.1
SO Hermosillo                  1200  XEYF       91.5
SO Hermosillo                  1250  XEDL       89.7
SO Hermosillo                  1580  XEDM      102.7
SO Navojoa                      980  XEKE      104.5
SO Navojoa                     1480  XENS      107.1
TB Cardenas                     910  XEACM     104.5
TB Comalcalco                   570  XEVX       89.7
TB Cunduacan                    830  XEZQ       93.7
TB Ixtacomitan                  700  XERV      106.3
TB Macuspana                    850  XERTM     107.7
TB Miguel Hidalgo               940  XEREC     104.9
TB Miguel Hidalgo              1270  XEVHT      99.1
TB Tenosique                    860  XEZX       89.3
TB Villahermosa                 620  XEHGR      94.1
TB Villahermosa                 650  XEVILL    103.3
TB Villahermosa                 790  XEVA       91.7
TB Villahermosa                 880  XEQQQ      89.3
TB Villahermosa                 970  XEVT      104.1
TB Villahermosa                1010  XETAB      95.7
TB Villahermosa                1320  XEPAR     101.5
TM Cd. Mante                   1450  XECM       91.1
TM Tampico                      710  XEOLA     107.9
TM Tampico                      780  XEMTS     103.9
TM Tampico                      810  XEFW      106.3
TM Tampico                      860  XETW      107.1
TM Tampico                     1240  XES       100.9
TM Tampico                     1270  XERRT      92.5
VC Acayucan                    1210  XEVZ       93.9
VC Alamo                        990  XEID       89.7
VC Banderilla                  1210  XEBD      104.9
VC Boca del Rio                 930  XEU        98.1
VC Boca del Rio                1430  XELL       90.1
VC Cd. Cuauhtemoc               920  XELE      105.9
VC Cd. Cuauhtemoc              1090  XEMCA     104.3
VC Cordoba                      670  XESIC      96.1
VC Cordoba                     1280  XEAG      102.1
VC Cosamaloapan                 980  XEQO       90.7
VC Cosoleacaque                1070  XEMI      105.7
VC Cosoleacaque                1420  XEAFQ      88.5
VC El Pando                     770  XEQRV      92.5
VC Gutierrez Zamora             740  XEGF       97.3
VC Ixhuatlancillo               850  XETQ      101.3
VC Ixhuatlancillo              1240  XEOV       97.3
VC Jalapa                       550  XEKL       93.7
VC Jalapa                       610  XEJA      102.5
VC Jalapa                      1040  XEGR      104.1
VC Jalapa                      1130  XEZL      103.3
VC Martinez de la Torre        1300  XEHU       89.9
VC Martinez de la Torre        1330  XEHTY     107.1
VC Minatitlan                  1450  XEKM       95.3
VC Misantla                    1590  XEPT       99.1
VC Nanchital                    690  XEAFA      99.3
VC Nanchital                    960  XEGB      103.5
VC Papantla                     840  XEPV      103.5
VC Papantla                    1270  XERRR      89.3
VC Piedras Negras              1180  XEGN       95.3
VC Poza Rica                    790  XECOV     105.9
VC Poza Rica                   1080  XEXK      100.1
VC Poza Rica                   1200  XEPW       94.7
VC Poza Rica                   1450  XEJD      100.9
VC Pueblo de las Flores         700  XEVC      104.5
VC Pueblo de las Flores         820  XEKG      107.5
VC Pueblo de Santa Leticia      880  XEYV       94.5
VC Pueblo Viejo                 980  XETU       99.3
VC Pueblo Viejo                1030  XEPAV      91.7
VC Pueblo Viejo                1190  XETOT      89.3
VC San Andres Tuxtla            830  XEDQ      103.9
VC San Rafael                  1520  XEVO       94.3
VC Tempoal                      750  XETI       90.5
VC Tierra Blanca               1050  XEJF      105.1
VC Tierra Blanca               1260  XETBV     100.9
VC Tuxpan                       890  XEBY       96.7
VC Veracruz                     900  XEWB       98.9
VC Veracruz                    1010  XEFM       94.9
VC Veracruz                    1090  XEIL       88.5
VC Veracruz                    1250  XETF      106.1
YU Conkal                       710  XEYK      101.5
YU Conkal                       860  XERRF      88.5
YU Merida                       600  XEZ       105.1
YU Merida                       680  XEPY      103.1
YU Merida                       810  XEMQ       90.9
YU Merida                       930  XEUL       96.9
YU Peto                         730  XEPET     105.5
YU San Pedro Nohpat            1090  XEFC      105.9
YU Temozoc                      570  XEME       91.9
YU Tizimin                      790  XEUP       96.3
YU Valladolid                   610  XEUM       92.7
ZA Buena Vista de Rivera        690  XEMA      107.1
ZA Buena Vista de Rivera        930  XEQS       90.3
ZA Fresnillo                    610  XEEL       95.1
ZA Fresnillo                    640  XEYQ       98.5
ZA Guadalupe Victoria          1110  XETGO      90.1
ZA Jalpa                        990  XEFP       98.3
ZA Rio Grande                   810  XEZC       97.1
ZA Zacatecas                    830  XELK      106.5
ZA Zacatecas                    970  XEZAZ      99.3

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Two quick TV items

-The ION TV stations (just about every TV station with the letters PX in the callsign) have added a fourth subchannel, carrying "ShopTV". If you were to guess what kind of programming airs on ShopTV, you'd probably be right.....

-The Spanish-language network formerly known as "Telefutura" is changing its name next Monday. The new name will be UniMAS.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

NAVTEX reception

While not strictly broadcasting... I did a bit of playing around New Year's Eve with NAVTEX on 518KHz, just below the AM broadcast band. I downloaded the Frisnit NAVTEX decoder & camped out on the frequency long enough to prove it was working.

Then, I let it run overnight.

Woke up to find messages from eight different sites:

B     ZBR     Bermuda
C     NMC     San Francisco
E     NME     Charleston, S. Carolina
G     NMG     New Orleans
N     NMN     Chesapeake, Virginia
P     XLJ895  Thunder Bay, Ontario
R     NMR     San Juan, Puerto Rico
U     VAR9    Saint John, New Brunswick

NMC was a BIG (and pleasant) surprise. NAVTEX ID C on the East Coast is supposed to be Sept-Iles, Quebec -- but when I read the message text, it was warning of navigation hazards at the Golden Gate and Alcatraz Island!