Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting link: find the strongest stations at your location

On this site, you can find a calculator which will take your ZIP code & return a list of the strongest AM and FM stations at that location.


Laurence Glavin said...

I've been aware of V-Soft for many years and used it fairly recently for the stations that carry the Stephanie Miller radio show in Chicago. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

I tried my zip code and found that one station that is receivable from a 130 miles away, was not listed; while anythere station which has been off the air for two years, was listed.
Therefore: "BEWARE" (March 15).

Doug Smith said...

The list you get is based on FCC records and signal models.

It presumes a station must deliver at least 50dBu to be receivable -- on many better radios (especially car radios) a weaker signal may be audible, and even of good quality. Especially in mountainous terrain.

The list also contains any station that's licensed by the FCC, even if that station is off the air. (the station remains in the database as it may return at any time without prior permission)

If that station has truly been off the air for two years though, its license should be cancelled... (an Act of Congress requires it)

Either this station didn't tell the FCC they were off (not unheardof), or the Commission hasn't gotten around to deleting the license yet, or it's actually operated within the last year but possibly for such a short period of time that you didn't notice. (again not unheardof -- for a station to operate for only a few hours to maintain its license)