Friday, November 29, 2013

FCC releases LPFM applications

The FCC has released the list of applications for new LPFM stations. A dozen or two of these have already been dismissed, either at the request of the applicant or because the same applicant filed more than one application - which is not permitted.

More of these will be dismissed before the FCC is done with them. I know of one in Wisconsin that will fail because the specified tower coordinates are in Canada -- and one in upstate NY which will fail because they propose to locate the transmitter in Kyrgyzstan.

Click here to see the list. It's pretty long!

AM station major move dismissed

Grandview Heights (Columbus), Ohio: 1390KHz:
WBLL's request to move from Bellefontaine dismissed.

WBLL proposed to move to the WOSU-820 (now WVSG) daytime tower in the Ohio State University golf course, with 960 watts daytime & 22 watts nighttime, non-directional.

The proposal appears to have failed over concerns of interference to WMPO, on the same frequency in Middleport, Ohio.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AM auction to be held next spring

The FCC has announced a "closed auction" of AM permits to be held next May. 22 permits will be auctioned.

Here are the groups going to auction:


1450 Montoursville, Pennsylvania       1,000/1,000 ND          
     Austin R. Kennedy LLC
1450 Montoursville, Pennsylvania       1,000/1,000 ND          
     Smith & Fitzgerald Partnership


1470 Coalinga, California              250/250 DA-1            
     La Favorita Broadcasting
1470 Huron, California                 1200/400 DA-2           
     Huron Broadcasting LLC


1490 Lovelock, Nevada                  250/250 ND              
     Matt Tuter
1490 Lovelock, Nevada                  250/250 ND
     IHR Educational Broadcasting


1490 Bend, Oregon                      250/250 ND              
     IHR Educational Broadcasting
1490 Deschutes River Woods, Oregon     1000/1000 ND            
     RAMS I


1490 Bozeman, Montana                  250/250 ND              
     Advance Acquisition
1490 Bozeman, Montana                  1000/1000 ND            
     Chaparral Broadcasting Company


1500 Culver City, California           25000/1000 DA-2         
     Levine/Schwab Partnership
1500 Culver City, California           50000/4300 DA-2         
     Royce International Broadcasting Company


1510 Las Vegas, Nevada                 250/250 ND              
     Lexington Park Broadcasters
1540 Enterprise, Nevada                30000/400 DA-2          
     L. Topaz Enterprises
1540 Spring Valley, Nevada             4531/453 DA-1           
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1550 Whitney, Nevada                   1900/250 DA-N           
     Powell Meredith Communications Company


1600 Huntsville, Alabama               250/250 ND              
     Lexington Park Broadcasters
1600 Warner Robins, Georgia            1000/250 ND             
     Meyer Gottesman
1600 Charlottesville, Virginia         5000/400 DA-N           


1340 Alturas, California               250/250 ND              
     Matt Tuter
1340 Lakeview, Oregon                  250/250 ND              
     Scott Powell


1210 Anchorage, Alaska                 10000/10000 ND          
     Christian Broadcasting
1200 Chugiak, Alaska                   50000/30000 ND          
     Steve King


1370 Cimarron Hills, Colorado          1000/500 DA-2           
     Fireside Media
1370 Colorado Springs, Colorado        300/300 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1370 Colorado Springs, Colorado        50000/250 DA-2          
     Hill & Glover Broadcasting LLC
1370 Bunkerville, Nevada               5000/220 ND             
     Smith & Fitzgerald Partnership
1370 Henderson, Nevada                 350/350 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
1370 Henderson, Nevada                 2500/400 DA-2           
     Eastern Sierra Broadcasting
1370 Whitney, Nevada                   14000 DA-D              
     Mark Hellinger                     
     (for WABV-1590 Abbeville, South Carolina to move here)
1370 Las Vegas, New Mexico             1000/250 DA-N           
     Sangre de Cristo Broadcasting Co.


1400 Kachina Village, Arizona          1000/1000 ND            
     RAMS I
1400 Prescott Valley, Arizona          170/170 ND              
     Wireless, Inc.


1400 Waynesboro, Georgia               1000/1000 ND            
     Murphy Broadcasting System
1410 Barnwell, South Carolina          260/253 DA-N            
     Bullie Broadcasting Corporation


1410 Adrian, Michigan                  500/250 DA-N            
     Lenawee Broadcasting Co.
1410 Lebanon, Tennessee                250/250 DA-2            
     Nashville Radio 1410 Inc.


850 Enola, Pennsylvania                2500/2000 DA-2          
     Edward A. Schober
850 Enola, Pennsylvania                750/350 DA-1            
     Hill & Glover Broadcasting


750 San Angelo, Texas                  1000/250 DA-2           
     Bret D. Huggins
760 Canyon, Texas                      250/250 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC
760 Idalou, Texas                      500/250 DA-N            
     Gerald Benavides
760 Shallowater, Texas                 341/341 DA-1            
     Cleo Broadcasting LLC


720 Portsmouth, Virginia               2200/1400 DA-2          
     Twin County Broadcasting Corp.      
     (for WWWJ-1360 Galax, Virginia to move here)
720 Windsor, Virginia                  20000/1200 DA-1         
     Charles A. Hecht & Alfredo Alonso


620 Boulder City, Nevada               500/520 DA-2            
     Birach Broadcasting Corp.
620 Henderson, Nevada                  500/250 DA-2            
     Eastern Sierra Broadcasting


1220 Kuna, Idaho                       50000/5000 DA-N         
     Robert E. Combs
1230 Middleton, Idaho                  250/250 ND              
     IHR Educational Broadcasting


1080 Winter Park, Florida              27000/2000 DA-3         
     Genesis Communications              (4000 CH)
     (for WHOO Kissimmee to move here)
1090 Micanopy, Florida                 10000/250 DA-2          
     Rama Communications


1130 Eaton, Colorado                   1000/250 DA-2           
     Advanced Modulation Broadcasting
1130 Ravenna, Nebraska                 12000/600 DA-2          
     Bott Communications


1700 Monsey, New York                  10000/1000 ND           
     Talkline Communications Corp.
1700 Ramapo, New York                  10000/1000 ND           
     Alexander Broadcasting              
     (for WRCR-1300 Spring Valley to move here)
1700 Stony Point Town, New York        10000/1000 DA-N         
     S&B Broadcasting Co.
1700 Town of Haverstraw, New York      10000/1000 ND           
     Polnet Communications

Friday, November 15, 2013

Texas stations deleted

Six co-owned Texas stations -- three AM and three FM -- have surrendered their licenses for cancellation.

The FCC had received information suggesting some or all of the six stations were off the air without the required notification. They sent the stations a letter asking for documentation proving the stations were operating.

The licensee responded by surrendering the stations' licenses.

The six stations in question:

KERB-600 Kermit
KUOL-1470 San Marcos
KCLR-1530 Ralls
KPBE-89.3 Brownwood
KAZF-91.9 Hebbronville
KMFM-100.7 Premont

Letter from FCC to stations:

Letter from stations to FCC:

Thursday, November 07, 2013

AM station going away

St. Stephen, New Brunswick: 990KHz:
CBAO going to 88.1 FM.

Call will change to CBD-FM-1.

AM call changes

The following AM stations have recently changed calls:

Honolulu, Hawaii          650 KPRP from KRTR
Boise, Idaho              730 KNFL from KINF
Auburn, New York         1340 WMBO from WWLF
Darlington, S. Carolina  1400 WJMX from WWRK
Florence, S. Carolina     970 WWRK from WJMX