Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1933 Nashville radio listings

"Broadcast News", Nashville, 4 March 1933.

Here's a link to a weekly "TV Guide" for radio, in Nashville, in 1933. (courtesy of David Eduardo's "American Radio History" site)

A few things I found interesting, besides the old ads:

  • Daily program listings for two stations: WSM-650, NBC and WLAC-1470, CBS. WSIX-1210, Springfield wasn't listed. WSM & WLAC were the only stations in Nashville at the time.
  • Prime-time program listings for the week for two additional stations: KDKA-980, Pittsburgh and KMOX, St. Louis. (KMOX's frequency wasn't given, but it was 1090 at the time)
  • There was a photo of the stars of a program airing over the "NBC-WJZ network". This network had no affiliate in Nashville. Nashville listeners would hear this program over KDKA.
  • A "Listeners' Guide" highlights some of the better programs airing during this week. Most air on WSM or WLAC. One airs on *both* stations. (one airs on both stations *at the same time*!)

    However, programs are also listed as airing on eight out-of-town stations including:
  • WJZ, New York
  • WBAL, Baltimore
  • WHAM, Rochester, NY
  • WMAQ, Chicago
  • WREN, Lawrence, Kansas
  • WLW, Cincinnati
  • KSD, St. Louis
  • WFLA, Clearwater, Florida
  • (I'm surprised the latter station was considered usable in Nashville. It's the first station to use a directional antenna, and it was to protect WTMJ, Milwaukee on the same frequency. So I would expect WFLA to have little or no signal in Nashville -- and to suffer interference from WTMJ.)

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