Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New and potential new stations in Canada

Brampton, Ontario: 1350KHz:
Permit granted for new station

Radio Humsafar

Facilities are one of these three:

  • 1,000/38 U, 43-41-37N/79-43-34W
  • 1,000/45 U, 43-41-07N/79-43-30W
  • 1,000/55 U, 43-41-24N/79-43-55W

  • It's not known which of these facilities goes with which applicant. The other two were dismissed.

    Mississauga, Ontario: 1110KHz:
    Application filed for new station.

    5/5 U (yes, that's only five watts)
    Developmental community station. Mostly Arabic with some French & English.

    St. Catharines, Ontario: 1220KHz:
    Application for new station.

    10,000/10,000 U; classic hits.

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    aurorabob said...

    Type: ethnic commercial AM radio programming undertaking
    Technical parameters: 1350 kHz with a daytime transmitter power of 1,000 watts and a night-time transmitter power of 45 watts (non-directional antenna)

    per CRTC release.