Friday, April 28, 2017

AM station going away (maybe)

Carthage, Illinois: 990KHz:
WCAZ license "unrenewed"

Due to unpaid FCC fees. I'm not convinced this is permanent -- I suspect if the fees are paid the license will be renewed.


Doug Beard said...


I've been checking WCAZ most days after seeing Tim Noonan's post that the FCC ordered them to go dark due to non-payment of money owed to the FCC. Despite the order, WCAZ has been on the air every time I've checked, including today (2 May).

WCAZ is a daytime regular here in Springville, which is about 15 miles NE of Cedar Rapids, IA. Such a sad episode for a legacy station (1922). I hope your optimism about them returning is well-founded.

Doug Beard, KF0VF
Springville, IA

Doug Smith said...

Yes, that's why I wrote (maybe) :)

These "red light" dismissals are most likely the result of clerical mixups.

I don't know which fee(s) were unpaid. The station owes an annual "regulatory fee" which depends on station class and market size. In WCAZ's case it's probably $685. Every eight years, the station must file for license renewal and pay a renewal fee which is $190 for all AM stations.

Since they did try to renew their license, they *are* paying attention and *do* intend to continue operating. My best guess is that a wire transfer didn't "take".