Saturday, July 08, 2017

AM stations deleted, and undeleted

Thomasville, Alabama     630 WJDB (off over a year)
Coolidge, Arizona       1150 KCKY (red light)
Portsmouth, N.H.        1380 WPLA (off over a year)
Spindale, N.C.          1520 WGTM (off over a year, and request of licensee)
Youngstown, Ohio        1500 WASN (off over a year)
Pottsville, Penna.      1450 WPAM (off over a year)

The following stations have been "undeleted"

Honolulu, Hawaii        1460 KHRA (licensee changed mind)
Stirling, New Jersey    1070 WKMB (resolved red light dismissal)

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