Monday, April 01, 2019

FCC AM items 1 April 2019

Evergreen, Alabama: 1470 WNWF
Requests site change 31-06-35/87-03-36. To remain 1,000/177 ND.
Durango, Colorado: 930 KIUP
Granted Special Temporary Authority for unspecified reduced power.
Fountain, Colorado: 890 KJME
Granted power reduction to 3,000/11 ND, 38-49-08/104-46-32.
Jupiter, Florida: 1000 WJBW
OFF Feb. 25th, lost temporary site.
Mason, Michigan: 1110 WUNN
Granted coordinate correction to 42-33-07/84-24-19. Remains 1,000 DA-D. Application includes frequency change to 1100 but I'm thinking that's a typo. (Mason is WAY too close to WTAM-1100 Cleveland!)
Stillwater, Minnesota: 1220 KLBB
Application dismissed for Special Temporary Authority for 60/60 ND into a 70-foot long-wire atop a two-story building at 45-04-08/92-48-23. Lost licensed site. Special Temporary Authority granted at reduced power of 20/20 ND.
Southaven, Mississippi: 1240 WMSO
Callsign changed from WAVN.
Springfield, Missouri: 1550 KRZD
Granted site change to 37-11-42/93-19-05. 5,000/28 ND.
Elizabeth, New Jersey: 1530 WJDM
OFF Jan. 30th, airtime broker terminated agreement.
Burlington, North Carolina: 920 WPCM
Granted site change to 36-05-51/79-29-11. Remains 5,000/55 ND.
Sylva, North Carolina: 540 WRGC
Granted site change to 35-23-29/83-14-57. 5,000/190 ND.
Stockdale, Texas: 1520 KQQB
Granted power increase to 20,000 DA-D.
Waupun, Wisconsin: 1170 WFDL
Granted site change to 43-38-35/88-43-25. Remains 1,000 ND-D. Change reflects replacement of tower destroyed by tornado.
I suspect most of these site changes were occasioned by installation of FM antennas (for translators) on the AM towers. Quite possibly, resurvey with GPS showed tower coordinates surveyed manually in the 1950s are not correct.

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Doug Smith said...

WRGC requests Special Temporary Authority to operate the new site at 1,000 watts pending delivery of parts for operation at 5,000.