Friday, April 12, 2019

FCC AM items this week

Phoenix, Arizona: KXEG 1280
OFF Feb. 4th, lost site lease.
Vienna, Georgia: WKTF 1550
Granted STA for 1/4 wavelength longwire 10m high between two poles, pending tower replacement.
Highland, Illinois: WQQW 1510
OFF Mar. 4th, transmitter keeps turning itself off, and network link from studio is unreliable.
South Beloit, Illinois: WBEL 1380
Requests STA for 5,000/1,250 ND pending tuning of replacement equipment.
Boone, Iowa: KWBG 1590
Granted STA for 1,000/125 ND pending replacement of failed directional antenna monitor.
Madisonville, Kentucky: WTTL 1310
Granted STA for 50/40 ND pending replacement of failed transmitter. STA says 1300KHz but station is licensed for 1310.
Brockton, Massachusetts: WBMS 1460
OFF Apr. 4th, no commercial power available due to utility strike & generator is not suitable for long-term use.
Lakeville, New York: NEW 1220
Permit granted for new station, 2,500/2,500 DA-2, 42-51-16/77-42-39. This is the existing site of co-owned WYSL-1040.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina: WCHL 1360
Granted STA for possible out-of-tolerance directional operation pending recalibration. Coupler which allowed installation of a UHF studio-transmitter link antenna on one of the towers failed, and an exact replacement is not available. The new coupler may change the directional characteristics.
Pineville, North Carolina: WGIV 1370
Granted STA for temporary site, 25 watts to a 110-foot vertical wire at 35-11-56/80-52-36. Lost lease for licensed site.
Reidsville, North Carolina: WREV 1220
Requests STA for shortened tower (61m vs. licensed ~80m). Tower owner shortened tower without notice. Reduced power may also be necessary.
Hillsboro, Oregon: KUIK 1360
Granted STA to operate with nighttime directional facilities during the day, pending repair to switching equipment.
Caguas, Puerto Rico: WNEL 1430
Requests permission to replace tower destroyed by Hurricane Maria with one that's slightly shorter.
White Bluff, Tennessee: WQSE 1030
OFF Apr. 4th, "equipment upgrades". Their translator on 106.3 has also filed for temporary silence.
Terrell Hills, Texas: KLUP 930
Granted STA for reduced power non-directional operation pending repair of guy wires. Approximately 2,000-3,000 watts daytime and no more than 200 watts at night.
West Valley City, Utah: KMRI 1550
OFF Apr. 15th for financial reasons.
Lost Creek, West Virginia: WHAW 980
Granted site change to 39-02-25/80-27-16 & reduction of daytime power to 2,500 watts.
Monona, Wisconsin: NEW 1480
Application for new station, 2,700/3,100 DA-2, dismissed. Specified same site as existing WLMV-1480. WLMV is the "regular-band" companion of X-band WOZN-1670. Presumably this applicant felt WOZN's owners wouldn't be allowed to keep both stations but the FCC seems to have felt otherwise.

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