Wednesday, April 03, 2019

FCC AM items 3 April 2019

San Jose, California: KLIV 1590
OFF Jan. 28th, finances.
Coral Gables, Florida: WKAT 1080
Requests Special Temporary Authority for 17,000/17,000 DA-2. Partial transmitter failure.
Southport, Florida: WKGC 1480
OFF Jan. 29th, hurricane damage to transmitter. Managed to limp along for a few months but transmitter eventually failed completely.
Augusta, Georgia: WRDW 1630
OFF Mar. 28th, transmitter site sold.
Avondale Estates, Georgia: WMLB 1690
OFF Jan. 27th after operating two days to demonstrate signal to potential buyer.
Brockton, Massachusetts: WBMS 1460
OFF Feb. 4th pending construction of modified facilities.
Fenton, Michigan: WCXI 1160
Requests nighttime power increase from 215 watts to 400 watts.
Smithfield, North Carolina: WMPM 1270
OFF Feb. 28th pending sale.
Dallas, Texas: KGGR 1040
OFF pending replacement of base insulator.
Terrell Hills, Texas: KLUP 930
Requests Special Temporary Authority for 2,000-3,000 watts daytime, 200 watts or less at night, non-directional. Guy wire replacement on multiple towers.
Blacksburg, Virginia: WFNR 710
OFF Jan. 31st, technical issues and no money to repair.
Martinsville, Virginia: WMVA 1450
OFF Jan. 28th, tower sold.

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