Monday, May 20, 2019

FCC & IFT AM items 20 May 2019

Along with FCC items, we have news from Mexico this week. IFT = Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones.

Willcox, Arizona: KHIL 1250:
OFF May 10th, transmitter failure.
Westminster, Maryland: WTTR 1470:
Requests STA to operate outside the terms of the license pending removal of two towers no longer needed.
Zitácuaro, Michoacan: XELX 700:
Granted site change to 19-26-18/100-20-49; 10kw non-directional daytime only.
Mineola, New York: WTHE 1520:
Requests site change to 40-41-06/73-36-36, the WKJY-FM STL tower in Hempstead. Critical hours power would be reduced to 278 watts; daytime power to remain 1kw.
Spartanburg, South Carolina: WORD 950:
Granted STA to operate with paramaters at variance to license. Antenna monitoring cables were vandalized, and the antenna monitor has been damaged by storms.
Chattanooga, Tennessee: WNOO 1260:
OFF May 16th, city public work crew severed guy wire causing tower collapse.
Provo, Utah: KSRR 1400:
Requests STA for 177-foot balloon-supported temporary wire antenna. Power not given but assume licensed 1kw.

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