Wednesday, June 26, 2019

FCC AM items 26 June 2019

Agana, Guam: KGUM 567:
Granted correction of coordinates to 13-23-28N/144-45-42E.
Chubbuck, Idaho: KPCQ 1490:
Requests power reduction to 750/1,000 ND, 42-56-43/112-24-57.
Fenton, Michigan: WCXI 1160:
Granted STA for 25% power from under-construction new site. Transmitter failure at old site.
Carrollton, Missouri: KAOL 1430:
OFF May 31st due to flooding.
Mineola, New York: WTHE 1520:
Granted site change to 40-41-06/73-36-36; to use existing WHLI-1100 tower.
Caguas, Puerto Rico: WVJP 1110:
Requests STA for slightly shorter tower, after original tower was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Will eventually license this tower as permanent.
STA granted.
Sheridan, Wyoming: KROE 930:
Application for new auxiliary transmitter, 500/135 ND, 44-46-15/106-55-39.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

FCC AM items 25 June 2019

New Orleans, Louisiana: WODT 1280:
Granted STA 5,000/1,250 ND pending repairs to directional antenna.
Elko, Nevada: KELK 1240:
Requests site change to 40-51-56/115-43-10.
Corning, New York: WCBA 1350:
OFF June 21st for financial reasons.
Canyon, Texas: KNSH 1550:
OFF June 12th, transmitter failure.
Newport, Vermont: WIKE 1490:
Request to correct coordinates to 44-56-20N/72-13-20W.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

FCC callsign changes in the last week

LocationFrequencyNew callsOld calls
Orlando, Florida1140WURBWURF
Covington, Georgia1430WYKGWGFS
Dayton, Tennessee1280WRHAWDNT
Spring City, Tennessee970WDNTWRHA

Saturday, June 22, 2019

FCC (and IFT) AM items 21 June 2019

Pine Island Center, Florida: WAXA 1200:
Granted permission to reduce power to 750/750 DA-1, using night facility at reduced power and all hours.
Honolulu, Hawaii: KWAI 1080:
Granted STA for 200/200 ND pending transmitter replacement.
Lawrence, Massachusetts: WLLH 1400:

This is a unique station. Licensed to Lowell, it is authorized for 1kw transmitters on the same frequency there and in Lawrence.

WLLH proposes to dismantle the Lowell transmitter, operating only the existing Lawrence site. That move will not provide adequate signal across Lowell, so they propose to change the principal community ("city-of-license") to Lawrence.

Juan Aldama, Zacatecas: XEJAGC 720:
2,000 ND-D (daytime only), 24-13-30/103-22-16.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

FCC AM items 20 June 2019

Leesburg, Florida: WLBE 790:
OFF June 19th, financial difficulties.
Marianna, Florida: WTYS 1340:
Requests power reduction to 780/780 ND, 30-45-48/85-13-52.
Honolulu, Hawaii: KSSK 590, KHVH 830, and KIKI 990:
Request STAs for 1,000/1,000 ND.
KSSK: 21-18-51/157-52-14, 116m end-fed long-wire between two light poles, located on Pier 19 south of Nimitz Highway.
KHVH & KIKI: 21-18-35/157-53-17, 78m end-fed long wire between two light poles, located at the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.

All three STAs have been granted.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FCC AM items 19 June 2019

Gary, Indiana: WLTH 1370:
Requests deletion of 500-watt directional night site & to use 9 watts to the daytime antenna at night. Conversion from 1,000/500 DA-N to 1,000/9 ND.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

FCC AM items 18 June 2019

Pocatello, Idaho: KPTO 1440:
OFF May 17th pending authorized move to Hailey, Idaho.
St. Louis, Missouri: WEW 770:
Requests reinstatement of expired permit to increase power to 10,000/200 DA-2, 38-38-33/90-01-50.

Monday, June 17, 2019

FCC AM items 17 June 2019

Escondido, California: KFSD 1450:
OFF June 1st, financial losses.
Springfield, Missouri: KSGF 1260:
Granted STA 5,000/1,000 ND; to operate non-directional at night with reduced power pending repairs to antenna system.
Reading, Pennsylvania: WEEU 830:
Granted STA for 1,500 ND at night; storms damaged antenna system.
San Antonio, Texas: KAHL 1310:
OFF June 2nd, intermittent transmitter failure.
Claremont, Virginia: WRJR 670:
Granted STA for reduced power of 2,900 watts pending repairs after fire.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

FCC items 13 June 2019

Upper Grand Lagoon, Florida: WLTG 1430:
Requests power reduction to 125/100 ND, 30-10-44/85-46-55 (WPCF-1290 site); principal community from Panama City.

FCC items 12 June 2019

Hamden, Connecticut: WQUN 1220:
OFF May 31st, financial considerations.
Madill, Oklahoma: KMAD 1550:
OFF June 10th, lightning damage.
Anderson, South Carolina: WANS 1280:
OFF May 25th, "catastrophic" transmitter failure.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FCC AM items 11 June 2019

Golden, Colorado: KKCL 1550:
Granted STA for 200/100 ND, 39-43-59/105-14-12. Temporary 120-foot long wire antenna after site lease was terminated.
Springfield, Missouri: KSGF 1260:
Requests STA for 5,000/1,000 ND. Unable to switch to nighttime directional pattern.
Chattanooga, Tennessee: WNOO 1260:
Granted STA for 150 watts daytime only, temporary inverted-L antenna. City crew severed guy wire causing tower collapse.
Durand, Wisconsin: WRDN 1430:
Requests STA to correct tower coordinates to 44-34-53/91-54-45.
Sheridan, Wyoming: KROE 930 & KWYO 1410:
Requests STA for 500/135 (KROE) & 500/350 (KWYO) ND during tower maintenance.

Monday, June 10, 2019

FCC AM items 10 June 2019

Rifle, Colorado: KRGS 690:
Granted power increase to 2,300/16 ND & site change to 39-25-57/108-07-46.
Quantico, Virginia: WURA 920:
Granted STA for 1,750/243 ND pending replacement of collapsed towers.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

FCC AM items last week

Raleigh, North Carolina: WPLW 570:
Calls changed from WQDR.
Franklin, Virginia: WJZU 1250:
Calls changed from WLQM.
Lynchburg, Virginia: WPLI 1390:
Calls changed from WKPA.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

FCC AM items last week

South Daytona, Florida: WPUL 1590:

The FCC has ruled there is insufficient evidence to show WPUL had been off over a year.

A competing applicant for an FM translator alleged the AM station had been off the air long enough that its license had expired as a matter of law. If that was the case, WPUL no longer existed to serve as the primary station for a translator -- and the translator permit could potentially go to the competitor.

The Commission ruled there was insufficient evidence to back up the competitor's claims.

Mechanicville, New York: WSSV 1160:
Calls changed from WAIX.