Thursday, June 20, 2019

FCC AM items 20 June 2019

Leesburg, Florida: WLBE 790:
OFF June 19th, financial difficulties.
Marianna, Florida: WTYS 1340:
Requests power reduction to 780/780 ND, 30-45-48/85-13-52.
Honolulu, Hawaii: KSSK 590, KHVH 830, and KIKI 990:
Request STAs for 1,000/1,000 ND.
KSSK: 21-18-51/157-52-14, 116m end-fed long-wire between two light poles, located on Pier 19 south of Nimitz Highway.
KHVH & KIKI: 21-18-35/157-53-17, 78m end-fed long wire between two light poles, located at the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.

All three STAs have been granted.

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