Thursday, November 21, 2019

Recent FCC AM changes

The FCC has begun reporting AM changes in the Licensing and Management System (LMS) along with FM & TV changes. This makes them easier for me to find... and hopefully more timely in this blog.

Holdrege, Nebraska: KUVR 1380:
Requests move to 40-30-57/99-23-48 with 320 watts non-directional, daytime only.
To share on one of the KRVN-880 towers.
This will replace the recently granted 25-watt Special Temporary Authority.

Carthage, Illinois: WCAZ 1510:
Granted move from Macomb, Illinois.
40-24-31/91-10-13; 330 watts non-directional, daytime only.

Manassas, Virginia: WKDV 1460:
Granted power reduction to 950 watts daytime, 64 watts night, non-directional.

See a pattern here?

Friday, November 15, 2019

Last two weeks' FCC items

Fort Payne, Alabama: WFPA 1400:
OFF Oct. 26th, tower fell in storm.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama: WLAY 1450:
Requests STA 60/60 ND, 34-44-14/87-42-15.
24m wire antenna fastened to existing 35m tower, pending location of a permanent site.

Tuscumbia, Alabama: WVNA 1590:
Requests STA 500/50 ND, 34-40-27/87-42-46.
45m wire antenna fastened to existing 46m tower, pending location of a permanent site.

Little Rock, Arkansas: KARN 920:
Granted STA 1250/1250 ND; to use 25% power non-directional day & night pending repairs to pattern switching gear.

Little Rock, Arkansas: KFOG 1250:
Granted STA 1200/1200 DA-1; to use night facilities fulltime pending repairs to pattern switching gear.

Riverside, California: KPRO 1570:
License canceled, off over a year.

San Jose, California: KSJX 1500:
Granted STA 5000/5000 DA-1; to use night facilities fulltime pending repairs to pattern switching gear.

Fountain, Colorado: KCEG 780:
Granted STA 500/37 ND; drop wire antenna pending construction of antenna tuning unit.

Fountain, Colorado: KJME 890:
Granted STA 1000/11 ND; drop wire antenna pending construction of antenna tuning unit.

Pinellas Park, Florida: WHBO 1040:
Requests STA 105 ND night (day facility unchanged at 3.6kw). To use daytime power non-directionally at 25% power at night, pending repairs to nighttime facility.

Southport, Florida: WKGC 1480:
OFF Nov. 4th, antenna issues.

Madison, Georgia: WYTH 1250:
OFF Sept. 6th, selling station.

Rome, Georgia: WGJK 1360:
Requests site change to 34-16-09/85-10-59. Amendment to correct daytime power -- had inadvertently requested increase to 1kw.

Sylvania, Georgia: WSYL 1490:
OFF Nov. 1st, loss of program source.

Belleville, Illinois: WSDZ 1260:
Requests STA to operate with directional parameters at variance to license.

Taylorville, Illinois: WIHM 1410:
Requests STA 63 watts fulltime pending repair of daytime transmitter.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
Requests STA 250/250. Unable to achieve licensed 1,000 watts power, unknown reason.

St. Louis, Michigan: WMLM 1520:
Correct coordinates to 43-21-08/84-36-20. Yes, there is a St. Louis in Michigan.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WORV 1580:
OFF Dec. 11th, 2018. Owner died & nobody had authority to pay the power bill.

Neosho, Missouri: KBTN 1420:
Requests STA 100/100 DA-N; lightning damage to transmitter.

Holdrege, Nebraska: KUVR 1380:
Granted STA 25/25 ND, 40-26-17/99-22-18; short whip at studio, pending construction of permanent site. Lost lease.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska: KOLT 1320:
OFF Nov. 1st for financial reasons.

Moriarty, New Mexico: KEMR 1080:
Granted move from 1090 at Milan.
400 ND-D, 35-00-33/105-54-59 on new frequency.
Amendment from 1kw & to change site.

Wagoner, Oklahoma: KXTD 1530:
Granted STA for unspecified power less than 25% of authorized & a non-directional antenna.
Tornado blew a 14-foot trampolene into the guy wires of the other tower, snapping off the top half.

Corry, Pennsylvania: WWCB 1370:
Granted 1,000/14 ND. Nighttime directional antenna damaged by storm; not economically viable to replace.

North Myrtle Beach: WNMB 900:
OFF Oct. 19th, STA expired.

Salt Lake City, Utah: KNIT 1320:
Granted power reduction to 730/730 ND, 40-39-57/111-54-26.

Clinchco, Virginia: WDIC 1430:
OFF Oct. 31st, lightning.

Durand, Wisconsin: WRDN 1430:
Correct coordinates to 44-34-53/91-54-45.

Laramie, Wyoming: KOWB 1290:
Requests STA for 1000/1000 pending replacement of transmitter. 5kw rig destroyed by burst water pipe.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Last week's FCC items

Fairbanks, Alaska: KCBF 820:
Granted STA to share on KFAR-660 tower, 10,000/10,000 ND, 64-48-29/147-29-34. KCBF site damaged & no longer available.
Piedmont, California: KSFN 1510:
OFF Sept. 30th pending repairs to station's roof.
San Jose, California: KSJX 1500:
Requests STA for 5,000 DA-D using nighttime towers, due to control cable failure.
Lake Wales, Florida: WIPC 1280:
Power reduced to 1,000/150 ND, 27-55-30/81-36-16; eliminate separate daytime site.
Woodbine, Georgia: WCGA 1100:
OFF Sept. 12th. LNB (on satellite dish) failed & internet modem damaged by weather.
Agana, Guam: KUSG 1350 & KVOG 1530:
Both stations OFF Oct. 18th pending Army Corps of Engineers approval of new site.
Decatur, Indiana: WJZI 1540:
Granted STA for 150-foot long wire 10 feet high between two poles, with no more than 62.5 watts.
Quincy, Massachusetts: WMEX 1510:
Power reduced to 10,000/100 ND, 42-16-25/71-02-30; city changed from Boston.
Walled Lake, Michigan: WPON 1460:
Granted power reduction to 670/580 DA-2, 42-32-39/83-33-36.
Anaconda, Montana: KANA 580:
OFF Oct. 1st, lost site lease but hopes to renew at same site.
Holdrege, Nebraska: KUVR 1380:
Requests STA 25/25 ND, 40-26-17/99-22-18; temporary whip antenna atop studio building. Lost lease for licensed site.
Brockport, New York: WRSB 1600:
Requests frequency change from 1590, 300/5 ND, 43-11-44/77-57-05.
Donelson, Tennessee: WCRT 1160:
Granted STA 13,000/1,000 DA-N due to failure of daytime 50,000-watt transmitter.
Mabank, Texas: KTXV 890:
OFF Oct. 11th, copper theft.
Seattle, Washington: KKOL 1300:
OFF Sept. 27th. Station sold & new owners awaiting equipment replacement.
Oak Hill, West Virginia: WOAY 860:
OFF Oct. 1st, TV repack construction on station tower.