Tuesday, March 31, 2020

FCC AM items

Decatur, Arkansas: KFFK 1390:
Requests permission to reduce day power from 5kw to 800 watts; relocate transmitter to 36-24-41/94-27-03 (1st. Ave. SE, Gravette); and change city from Rogers. Same site as KREB-1190 below.

Gentry, Arkansas: KREB 1190:
Requests permission to reduce power from 5kw to 3kw; relocate transmitter to 36-24-41/94-27-03 (1st. Ave. SE, Gravette); and change city from Bentonville. Same site as KFFK-1390 above.

Creedmoor, North Carolina: WDRU 1030:
Requests STA to operate at reduced power of 18kw daytime only due to lightning damage.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

FCC AM items

Nome, Alaska: KICY 850:
Requests STA to operate at half power for financial reasons.

Mount Pleasant, Tennessee: WXRQ 1460:
Requests STA for 500/120 ND, 35-34-20/87-11-20, between Canaan Road and the Duck River.
Lost lease at old site.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

FCC AM items

Santa Barbara, California: KZSB 1290:
Requests correction of coordinates to 34-25-08/119-41-14 & night power reduction to 114 watts.

Royal Oak, Michigan: WCHB 1340:
Requests STA for 400/1,000 ND; to drop daytime directional antenna & reduce power. Unknown problem with the other tower, and due to COVID-19 no crew can be obtained to repair it. WCHB is one of very few AM stations to be directional during the day and not at night.

STA granted.

Toledo, Oregon: KCUP 1230:
Requests coordinate correction to 44-37-51/123-56-44.

Tooele, Utah: KIHU-1010:
Requests STA to operate non-directional at night with 48 watts. Second tower fell during earthquake. Daytime facilities unchanged.

Friday, March 20, 2020

FCC AM item

Meridian, Mississippi: WMOG 910:
Calls changed from WALT.

FCC AM items

Show Low, Arizona: KXSL 1470:
Calls changed from KVSL.

Port Allen, Louisiana: WXOK 1460:
Requests transmitter move to 30-27-39/91-14-37 & power reduction to 4,000/280 ND.

Scranton, Pennsylvania: WAAF 910:
Calls changed from WBZU.
"Warehousing" calls used for years on 107.3 FM in Worcester, Mass..

Conway, South Carolina: WAYS 1050:
Calls changed from WRWM.

Friday, March 13, 2020

FCC AM item

Guymon, Oklahoma: 1210 KGYN:
Requests increase of daytime power from 10kw to 22kw.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

FCC AM items

San Angelo, Texas: KGKL 960:
Granted permission to remove second tower & go non-directional at night. Night power to be reduced from 1,000 watts to 116 watts; day power unchanged.

Shenandoah, Texas: KRCM 1380:
Requests to move night site to the former KAMA-FM 104.9 tower at Pecan Grove southwest of Houston. (29-39-56/95-45-29 and also home of FM translator K264CN-100.7, which relays KQUE 980.) Will go non-directional at night at new site.

Friday, March 06, 2020

FCC AM items

Arcadia, Florida: WCXS 1480:
Calls changed from WFLN.

Commerce, Georgia: WJJC 1270:
Requests daytime power reduction to 1,000 watts; night to remain 173 watts.

Streator, Illinois: WSPL 1250:
Requests Special Temporary Authority for 110 watts daytime, 35 watts night, non-directional. Towers are not safe and have been (mostly) dismantled. Wishes to use just part of one tower on a temporary basis.

Veazie, Maine: WHZP 1400:
Calls changed from WCYR.

Waseca, Minnesota: KFOW 1170:
Calls changed from KOWZ.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WPTK 850:
Requests power reduction to 9,000/120 non-directional; to share on one of the WPTF-680 towers at 35-47-39/78-45-42.

Salisbury, North Carolina: WSTP 1490:
Requests site change to 35-40-45/80-30-22; to share on the WSAT-1280 tower.

Warren, Pennsylvania WICU 1310:
Calls changed from WNAE.