Thursday, April 30, 2020

FCC AM items

Mooresville, Alabama: WWTM 1390:
Granted move from 1400 Decatur, 310 watts non-directional daytime only, 34-41-18/86-49-12.
Amended to 330 watts & for slight change of site, 34-41-22/86-49-10.  Adjacent to the Mazda plant between Huntsville and I-65.
OFF Nov. 6th, lost studio lease.

Mena, Arkansas: KENA 1450:
OFF Apr. 12th, lightning damage.

Meriden, Connecticut: WBOM 1470:
Calls changed from WMMW.

Fort Myers, Florida: WFSX 1240:
Granted correction of coordinates to 26-37-40/81-49-51.

South Daytona, Florida: WPUL 1590:
OFF Mar. 11th, arson.

Honolulu, Hawaii: KWAI 1080:
Granted correction of coordinates to 21-19-27/157-52-47.

Deerfield, Illinois: WEEF 1430: 
Requests night power increase from 750 watts to 1,020.

East Moline, Illinois: WDLM 960:
Wishes to drop one tower of two-tower directional array and reduce power to 520 watts daytime/15 watts night, non-directional.

Port Sulphur, Louisiana: KAGY 1510:
Requests power increase to 3,800 watts non-directional daytime.  Supercedes permit to move to new site -- will remain at existing site.

Butte, Montana: KXTL 1370:
OFF Mar. 24th, transmitter failure.

Niagara Falls, New York: WHLD 1270:
Granted Special Temporary Authority for 1,250 watts daytime/250 watts nighttime non-directional.  Antenna tuning box physically damaged making directional operation impossible.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina: WRMT 1490:
OFF Mar. 25th, "limited staff and program source"

Wendell, North Carolina: WETC 540:
Granted night power increase from 500 watts to 4,400.

Morristown, Tennessee: WMTN 1300:
Requests correction of coordinates to 36-12-25/83-19-59.

Prosser, Washington: KZXR 1310:
OFF Apr. 23rd, economic reasons/coronavirus.

Jackson, Wyoming: KSGT 1340:
OFF Mar. 16th, leaving site formerly shared with KJCV-1450.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

FCC AM changes

Palmdale, California: KUTY 1470:
Application to change site to 34-42-43/118-10-37, sharing a tower with KOSS-1380 Lancaster.  3,500/180 ND.

Deerfield, Illinois: WEEF 1430:
Application to increase nighttime power & change antenna pattern; 1,600/1,020 DA-2.

Longview, Texas: KFRO 1370:
Application to remove two towers and go non-directional at night, reducing night power to 100 watts.  Other two towers were damaged by vandals & it's not economical to replace them.

Friday, April 17, 2020

FCC AM changes

Brantley, Alabama: WXKD 920:
Calls changed from WEZZ.

Kenai, Alaska: KABN 960:
Requests power reduction to 1,000/1,000 ND, new site 60-34-02/151-07-57.  Site formerly used by deleted station KZXX-980.

Corona, California: KWRM 1370:
OFF April 14th, lost site.

Monterey, California: KIDD 630 & KNRY 1240:
Co-owned stations both off April 8th, lost revenue due to COVID-19.

Hartford, Connecticut: WPOP 1410:
Correct coordinates to 41-41-35/72-45-05.

Arcadia, Florida: WCXS 1480:
Calls changed from WFLN.

Honolulu, Hawaii: KHNR 690 & KGU 760:
Co-owned stations granted Special Temporary Authority to operate at half power.  To save on electric bill during revenue losses due to COVID-19.  Salem's four FM stations in Honolulu also have permission to operate at half power.

Terre Haute, Indiana: WPFR 1480:
OFF April 11th, equipment failure.

Gardiner, Maine: WHTP 1280:
Calls changed from WJYE.

Veazie, Maine: WHZP 1400:
Calls changed from WCYR.

Waseca, Minnesota: KFOW 1170:
Calls changed from KOWZ.

Meridian, Mississippi: WMOG 910:
Calls changed from WALT.

Kansas City, Missouri: KDMR 1190:
Requests power reduction to 3,700/160 ND and site change to 39-06-30/94-29-53.

Bozeman, Montana: KBOZ 1090:
Requests Special Temporary Authority to operate at 1,250/1,250 ND pending antenna repairs.  Granted.

Bozeman, Montana: KOBB 1230:
Requests Special Temporary Authority to operate at 965/965 ND, temporary long-wire antenna at KOZB (FM) site, 45-39-26/110-48-22.  Tower destroyed by backhoe.

Las Vegas, Nevada: KRLV 920:
Calls changed from KBAD.

Las Vegas, Nevada: KKGK 1340:
Calls changed from KRLV.

Mineola, New York: WTHE 1530:
Requests frequency change from 1520 & power increase to 10,000 ND-D.  Will continue to share on the WHLI 1100 tower, 40-41-06/73-36-35.

Niagara Falls, New York: WEBR 1440:
Calls changed from WJJL.

Wanchese, North Carolina: WOBX 1530:
OFF April 1st, lost revenue due to COVID-19.

Astoria, Oregon: KKOR 1230:
Correct coordinates to 46-11-24/123-49-39.

Warren, Pennsylvania: WICU 1310:
Calls changed from WNAE.

Jamestown, Tennessee: WCLC 1260:
OFF March 12th, transmitter failure.

Tazewell, Virginia: WTZE 1470:
Requests Special Temporary Authority for reduced power of 1kw pending transmitter repairs.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

FCC AM actions

Niagara Falls, New York: WJJL 1440:
Requests site change to 43-04-52/79-00-58.
(Google Street View from September 2017 shows an AM station already here, but FCC records don't show any other AM sites within 2km)

FCC AM actions

Thousand Palms, California: KGAY 1270:
Requests, and granted, STA for unspecified reduced power pending transmitter repairs.

South Beloit, Illinois: WBEL 1380:
Requests, and granted, STA for 500 watts day & night non-directional pending modification to new transmitter to handle full power.

Friday, April 03, 2020

FCC AM changes

Prescott, Arkansas: KTPA 1370:
Requests STA to operate at half power (500 watts). Exhaust fan failure; transmitter would overheat if operated at full power.

New Orleans, Louisiana: WYLD 940:
Granted STA for 1,000 watts daytime; to operate at 10% power due to matching network failure. Night facility remains unchanged.

Baytown, Texas: KWWJ 1360:
Granted correction of coordinates to 29-46-29/95-00-55. Night power reduced to 800 watts. Tower heights were also wrong and interference to Mexico was predicted at original power of 1,000 watts.