Friday, May 29, 2020

Little Rock, Arkansas: KTUV 1440:
OFF March 6th.  Transmitter failure.

Hamden, Connecticut: WATX 1220:
Calls changed from WQUN.

Leesburg, Florida: WLBE 790:
OFF April 27th.  Lightning damage.

Panama City, Florida: WDIZ 590:
OFF May 15th.  Had been operating on temporary facility since Hurricane Michael two years ago.

Murrayville, Georgia: WGTJ 1330:
Coordinates corrected to 34-22-12/83-56-54.

Tallapoosa, Georgia: WKNG 1060:
License to cover for 15,000 watts non-directional daytime only, 33-44-06/85-15-08.

Watseka, Illinois: WIBK 1360:
Requests unspecified Special Temporary Authority.

Waukegan, Illinois: WKRS 1220:
Granted Special Temporary Authority for 25% power non-directional, pending relocation of phasing equipment.

Fort Wayne, Indiana: WIOE 1450: 
Granted Special Temporary Authority to operate in digital-only mode.  Relayed in analog on W282CH-104.3.

Gulfport, Mississippi: WROA 1390:
Power reduced to 900 watts daytime, 35 watts night, non-directional; sharing on WGCM-1240 tower, 30-25-46/89-01-08.

Bozeman, Montana: KBOZ 1090:
OFF April 27th.  Financial difficulty.

Bozeman, Montana: KOBB 1230:
OFF May 25th.  Financial difficulty.

Sperry, Oklahoma: KMUS 1380:
OFF April 5th.  Transmitter failure.

Toledo, Oregon: KCUP 1230:
Slight change in coordinates to 44-37-52/123-56-40.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania: WEJS 1600:
OFF May 16th.  Station is bankrupt; negotiating sale.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania: WNPV 1440:
OFF May 1st.  Not financially sustainable; attempting to sell station.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania: WLYC 1050:
OFF May 16th.  Station is bankrupt; negotiating sale.

Marshall, Texas: KPRO 1410:
OFF May 27th.  Both towers destroyed in storm; one tower smashed the transmitter building roof, flooding the equipment inside.  Calls changed from KCUL.

Burlington, Vermont: WCAT 1390:
OFF April 1st.  Transmitter failure.

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
OFF March 27th.  Tower being replaced.

Spokane, Washington: KGA 1510:
Nighttime power reduced to 540 watts non-directional.

Waupaca, Wisconsin: WDUX 800:
OFF May 14th.  Recently sold; new owners updating facilities.

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