Friday, June 19, 2020

FCC items

Phoenix, Arizona: KXEG 1280:
OFF April 15th, economic reasons.

Little Rock, Arkansas: KTUV 1440:
OFF March 6th, transmitter failure.

Paso Robles, California: KPRL 1230:
Requests permission to move tower 360m to 35-39-22/120-41-05.

Santa Barbara, California: KZSB 1290:
Granted permission to shorten tower & change night power to 114 watts.

Leesburg, Florida: WLBE 790:
OFF April 27th, lightning damaged transmitter.

Panama City, Florida: WDIZ 590:
OFF May 15th.  Operating on temporary antenna since 2018 hurricane.  Not certain it's economical to rebuild.

Pinellas Park, Florida: WTBN 570:
Requests power reduction to 250 watts day/730 watts night, directional same pattern day & night, 27-59-57/82-42-01.  To relocate 29km to the WGUL-860 site.

Taylor, Michigan: WMUZ 1200:
Granted STA to operate night facilities 24 hours due to failed RF contactors.

Northwood, North Dakota: KMSR 1520:
Request to increase power from 1,300 watts to 1,500 and change city from Mayville.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania: WEJS 1600:
Williamsport, Pennsylvania: WLYC 1050:
Both stations OFF May 16th pending sale.

Waupaca, Wisconsin: WPCA 800:
OFF May 14th pending facility upgrades.