Friday, July 03, 2020

FCC items

Los Angeles, California: KMPC 1540:
Granted STA 9,250/9,250 ND; brushfire destroyed antenna pattern control equipment.

Hamden, Connecticut: WATX 1220:
OFF June 25th, COVID-19 economic issues.

Panama City, Florida: WDDV 590:
Calls changed from WDIZ.

Riviera Beach, Florida: WPOM 1600:
Granted STA to operate at 25% power during antenna work.
OFF June 10th, multiple technical problems.

Venice, Florida: WDIZ 1320:
Calls changed from WDDV.

Elberton, Georgia: WHTD 1400:
OFF June 30th, LMA not renewed due to COVID-19 economic issues.

Chubbuck, Idaho: KPCQ 1490:
OFF June 15th, trackhoe destroyed antenna.

Kansas City, Missouri: KDMR 1190: 
Request to reduce power to 3,700/160 ND and move to 39-06-30/94-29-52 dismissed.  Reason not given.

Holdrege, Nebraska: KUVR 1380:
Moved to the KRVN-880 site, where one of the towers at 40-30-57/99-23-47 is being shared.  320 watts non-directional, daytime only.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDAZ 700:
Requests frequency change from 730, 450/55 ND, 35-00-31/106-42-52.

Rose Hill, North Carolina: WKOO 710:
Calls changed from WEGG.

Sanford, North Carolina: WXKL 1290:
Granted STA for 150/39 ND to 200-foot longwire.  Tower destroyed in "logging accident".

St. Helens, Oregon: KOHI 1600:
Granted STA for 50/5 ND, 45-51-59/122-49-02; 120-foot longwire at what appears to be a trucking company across the street from the studio.

Toledo, Oregon: KCUP 1230:
Site changed to 44-37-52/123-56-40.

Maryville, Tennessee: WJMP 1120:
Calls changed from WVLZ.

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