Friday, July 17, 2020

FCC items

Phoenix, Arizona: KXEG 1280:
OFF Apr. 15th, financial difficulties.

Buena Vista, Colorado: KVBV 1450:
Calls changed from KSKE.

Avon Park, Florida: WAVP 1390:
Calls changed from WFHT.

Marianna, Florida: WTID 980:
Calls changed from WTOT.

Panama City, Florida: WDDV 590:
Calls changed from WDIZ.

Venice, Florida: WDIZ 1320:
Calls changed from WDDV.

Elberton, Georgia: WHTD 1400:
OFF June 30th, LMA not renewed due to COVID-19.

Hogansville, Georgia: WGST 720:
Calls changed from WVCC.

Murrayville, Georgia: WGTJ 1330:
Granted correction of coordinates to 34-22-12/83-56-54.

Agana, Guam: KUSG 1350:
Granted STA 75 watts non-directional pending move to permanent site.

Bangor, Maine: WZON 620:
Granted STA 500 watts non-directional due to antenna damage.

Rumford, Maine: WIGY 780: 
Calls changed from WTME.

Ashland, Massachusetts: WSRO 650:
OFF July 9th for financial reasons.

Dedham, Massachusetts: WZBR 1410:
OFF July 9th for financial reasons.

West Yarmouth, Massachusetts: WBAS 1240:
OFF July 9th for financial reasons.

Bozeman, Montana: KBOZ 1090:
OFF April 27th for financial reasons.
(three co-owned FM stations also went off on April 27th.)

Bozeman, Montana: KOBB 1230:
OFF May 25th for financial reasons.
(three co-owned FM stations also went off, on April 27th.)

Sanford, North Carolina: WXKL 1290:
Granted STA 150/39 ND to temporary 200-foot longwire; main antenna destroyed in "logging accident".

Burns, Oregon: KZHC 1230: 
Calls changed from KYQT.

West Hazleton, Pennsylvania: WODS 1300:
Calls changed from WKZN.

Knoxville, Tennessee: WNPZ 1580:
OFF Sept. 10th, 2019.

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
Requests power reduction to 966 watts and increase height of tower by 3.4 meters; granted.

Chester, Virginia: WJFN 820:
Calls changed from WNTW.

Seattle, Washington: KJR 950:
Granted STA to operate with directional antenna out of tolerance.  A 180-foot two-way tower was built near the KJR antenna array without any notice to the station.

Waupaca, Wisconsin: WPCA 800:
Calls changed from WDUX.

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