Friday, July 24, 2020

FCC items

East Point, Georgia: WMDG 1260:
OFF July 10th, lightning damage.

New Orleans, Louisiana: WYLD 940:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power (2,500/125 ND) pending antenna system repairs.

Whitney, Nevada: KLSQ 870:
OFF Dec. 7th, 2019; electrical power is out at transmitter site.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania: WMBA 1460:
Requests power reduction to 120/110 ND, 40-35-08/80-12-11.  Relatively low power still qualifies for nighttime-protected Class B operation because of unusually high tower, nearly 6/10 wavelength.

Richmond, Virginia: WVNZ 1320:
Requests STA 200/8 DA-1.  Transmitter failure, will not operate beyond 200 watts.

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