Wednesday, July 08, 2020

FCC items

Clayton, Georgia: WFSC 1050: 
Request to relocate from Franklin, N.C. dismissed at request of applicant.

Commerce, Georgia: WJJC 1270:
Daytime power reduced from 5kw to 1kw.

Honolulu, Hawaii: KWAI 1080:
OFF May 20th pending new programming source.

Decorah, Iowa: KDEC 1240:
Proposes to close existing transmitter site and use the same transmitter as time-sharing partner KWLC at 43-18-35/91-48-30.

  • KWLC operates Monday-Friday 10pm-1am, Saturday & Sunday 7am-12:30am.
  • KDEC operates Monday-Friday 6am-10pm.
  • Apparently neither station operates Monday 12:30am-6am; Tuesday-Friday 1am-6am; Saturday 1am-7am; nor Sunday 12:30am-7am.
Madisonville, Kentucky: WTTL 1310:
Requests reduction in daytime power from 1,500 watts to 1,000 watts.  Station used to be directional and still requires the additional two towers to stand for the antenna impedance to be correct.

Bay City, Michigan: WMAX 1440: 
Granted Special Temporary Authority (STA) to operate at half power.

Quitman, Mississippi: WQMS 1500:
Requests STA for 164-foot longwire antenna and no more than 100 watts power.
Granted July 9th.
Requests modification of STA for 450 watts.

Chillicothe, Ohio: WCHI 1350:
Requests STA for 120-foot longwire antenna and no more than 250 watts power.
Granted July 9th.

El Paso, Texas: KXPL 1060:
OFF June 30th, COVID-related economic issues.

Newport, Vermont: WIKE 1490:
Site changed (to an adjacent property) at 44-56-20/72-13-20.

Charlottesville, Virginia: WCHV 1260:
Requests power reduction from 5,000/2,500 DA-2 to 800 watts daytime only, non-directional.

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