Friday, August 28, 2020

FCC (and CRTC) Items

Decatur, Arkansas: KFFK 1390:  
Granted power reduction to 800 ND-D, 36-24-41/94-27-02; city from Rogers.

Gentry, Arkansas: KREB 1190:
Granted power reduction to 3,000 ND-D, 36-24-41/94-27-02; city from Bentonville.

Upper Grand Lagoon, Florida: WLTG 1430:
Power reduced to 125/60 ND, 30-10-44/85-46-55; city from Panama City.  To share the WPCF-1290 tower.

Savannah, Georgia: WJLG 900:
Granted STA for approximately 5% power (200 watts) due to lightning damage.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KUPA 1370:
Requests reduction in power from 6,200 watts to 250, both day and night.

Chubbuck, Idaho: KPCQ 1490:
OFF June 15th, trackhoe destroyed temporary antenna.

Somonauk, Illinois: WSPY 1480:
Granted power reduction to 250 ND-D, 41-40-06/88-34-06; city from Geneva.

New Castle, Indiana: WLTI 1550:
Granted STA to operate with daytime pattern at night at 25% power (62 watts) pending repairs to antenna system.

Danville, Kentucky: WHIR 1230:
Requests correction of coordinates to 37-40-26/84-45-57.

Augusta, Maine: WMDR 1340:
OFF Aug. 24th, repairs complete but doesn't want to resume operation until thunderstorm passes.

Indianola, Mississippi: WNLA 1390:
Granted move from 1380, 1,000/15 ND, 33-28-41/90-38-28.

Fredericton, New Brunswick: CKHJ 1260:
Requests reduction of night power to 32 watts non-directional.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: WORA 760:
Requests STA 1,250 ND day and night; to operate at 25% power after Hurricane Isaac damage.  Granted.

Sparta, Tennessee: WTZX 860:
Power reduced to 950/10 ND, 35-57-16/85-28-37; sharing the WSMT-1050 tower.

Ballinger, Texas: KRUN 1400:
Granted STA 240 watts daytime; night not affected.

Moneta, Virginia: WSLK 880:
OFF June 24th pending move to new site.