Friday, August 07, 2020

FCC items

Phenix City, Alabama: WGSY 1460:

Calls changed from WHTY.

Hilo, Hawaii: KIPA 1060:

Requests daytime power reduction to 1kw and deletion of nighttime authority altogether.  This would make it the only daytime-only station in Hawaii -- indeed, the only station in Hawaii whose daytime and nighttime facilities would differ.

The application doesn't say why.  My guess is commonly-owned KLHT-1040 Honolulu would like to increase power, and would cause too much interference to KIPA to be approved.

Granted & power reduced..

Nashville, Tennessee: WLAC 1510:

Granted STA to operate at 12,500 watts or less, nondirectional, at night pending repairs to transmission lines.  Daytime power remains 50,000 watts nondirectional.

Fort Worth, Texas: KHVN 970:

Requests permission to operate less than the minimum required schedule, for economic reasons.

Stations are required to operate at least 2/3 of the hours they're authorized to operate between 6am and 6pm; and at least 2/3 of authorized hours between 6pm and midnight.  

KHVN is a Class B station, authorized to operate 24 hours a day.  So its minimum schedule would be eight hours between 6am and 6pm; and four hours between 6pm and midnight.  If operated in a single block, that would be 10am-10pm.

The station proposes to operate six hours daily between 6am and 6pm.  (it doesn't specify which six hours)

Permission has been granted.

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