Friday, August 21, 2020

FCC items

Muscle Shoals, Alabama: WLAY 1450:

Requests site change to 34-40-38/87-43-15; to share on WVNA-1590 tower.

Tuscumbia, Alabama: WVNA 1590:

Requests daytime power reduction to 1,000 watts; to go non-directional night at 55 watts.

Savannah, Georgia: WBMQ 630:

OFF July 20th, transmitter damaged by lightning.

Savannah, Georgia: WJLG 900:

Requests STA to operate at approximately 4.6% power (200 watts) due to lightning damage.

New Castle, Indiana: WLTI 1550:

Requests STA to operate with daytime pattern at night at 25% power (62 watts) pending repairs to antenna system.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WORV 1580:

Granted STA 450/88 ND pending transmitter replacement.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania: WKGE 850: 

Requests STA 2,500/2,500 ND; to operate at 25% power non-directionally.  Has permit to move to 870 with 7,000 DA-D.

Scranton, Pennsylvania: WARM 590:

OFF July 17th, storm damage.

Ballinger, Texas: KRUN 1400: 

Requests STA to operate at 240 watts daytime.  Night power unaffected.

Parkersburg, West Virginia: WHNK 1450:

Requests site change to 39-18-57/81-31-38.

Waukesha, Wisconsin: WRRD 1510:

Requests power reduction to 250 watts ND; to remove two towers and go non-directional.

Granted 9/29/2020.