Friday, September 25, 2020

FCC items

Santa Clara, California: KVVN 1430:

Requests STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power.  (250/1,250 ND)  Homeless people are breaking into the directional antenna tuning units and tapping the AC power.  This is creating an electrical shock hazard and possibly more importantly, a fire hazard.  KVVN wishes to turn off the AC power in these enclosures, but doing so makes it impossible to switch directional patterns.

STA granted 9/29/2020.

Chattahoochee, Florida: WTCL 1580:

OFF August 5th, studio building severely damaged by Hurricane Sally.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida: WFTW 1260:

Requests permission to replace existing tower with shortened Valcom mast.

Middleborough Center, Massachusetts: WVBF 1530:

Requests STA to operate half power daytime (2,500/4 DA-1) pending transmitter repairs from lightning damage.

STA granted Oct. 1st.

Billings, Montana: KBUL 970:

Requests STA for 50% night time power & directional pattern out of parameters.

STA granted Oct. 2nd.

Seattle, Washington: KKOL 1300:

Requests STA to operate at 3,200-watt night power during the day to avoid blanketing interference; granted.

Friday, September 18, 2020

FCC items

Opp, Alabama: WAMI 880:
OFF June 25th pending relocation to Maplesville.

Phenix City, Alabama: WHTY 1460:
Calls changed from WGSY.

Fairbanks, Alaska: KFAR 660:
Granted correction of coordinates to 64-48-31/147-29-39.

Sheridan, Arkansas: KLRG 880:
Requests STA for 31,000 watts non-directional daytime only; higher power results in VSWR trips and a fire...  (STA granted Sept. 21st)

Los Angeles, California: KSPN 710:
Requests power reduction to 34,000/2,500 DA-2, 34-06-50/117-59-51; to relocate to the KRDC-1110 site.

Paso Robles, California: KPRL 1230:
Granted site move approximately 360m to 35-39-22/120-41-05.
Site moved.

San Jose, California: KLIV 1590:
Granted power increase to 6,200/5,000 DA-2 & move to the KVVN-1430 site at 37-19-47/121-51-58.
Requested, and granted, Special Temporary Authority for an interim operation at the same site with 500/500 ND.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
Requests relocation to the church which owns the station, 30-19-05/81-32-24.

Marianna, Florida: WTOT 980:
Calls changed from WTID.

Woodbine, Georgia: WCGA 1100:
Granted STA to return to the air with parameters at variance if necessary.

Rupert, Idaho: KKRK 970:
Calls changed from KXTA.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDAZ 700:
Granted power to 450/55 ND; to change frequency from 730 and remove one tower of two-tower array.
KDAZ has completed this move.

Talent, Oregon: KSJK 1230:
OFF Sept. 8th, destroyed by wildfire.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania: WAZL 1490:
Granted STA to operate under expired CP.

Latrobe, Pennsylvania: WXVE 1570:
Calls changed from WKHJ.

Orangeburg, South Carolina: WPJK 1580:
Site changed & power increased from 1,000 to 3,300 ND, 33-29-55/80-50-33.

Houston, Texas: KPRC 950:
Requests relocation to KBME-790 site & power change to 7,000/4,300 DA-N, 29-54-55/95-27-48.

Cedar City, Utah: KSUB 590:
Requests STA to operate at reduced power of 1kw pending repairs to antenna tuning unit.
STA granted Sept. 22nd

Ogden, Utah: KMES 1430:
Calls changed from KLO.

La Crosse, Wisconsin: WLXR 1490:
Calls changed from WLFN.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

List of Class A ("Clear Channel") stations by license date

Here's a list of the 56 existing (and two former) U.S. Class A stations, in order by date of first license.  Note that KDKA is not first☺.  The Pittsburgh station's first broadcasts were under a "Special Land Station" license; "Broadcasting" licenses were not yet available.

("Special" because KDKA wasn't used to communicate with ships)

The list:

Seq Calls Location Licensed Former location/calls/notes
1 WBZ Boston 09/15/21 Springfield
2 KDKA Pittsburgh 11/07/21
3 KYW Philadelphia 11/15/21 Chicago
4 KNX Los Angeles 12/08/21
5 WPHT Philadelphia 01/10/22 WCAU, WOGL, WGMP, WPTS
6 WGY Schenectady, N.Y. 02/04/22
7 WOR New York City 02/20/22 Newark
8 WLW Cincinnati 03/02/22
9 KOMO Seattle 03/09/22 KJR; swapped calls
10 WSCR Chicago 03/29/22 WMAQ
11 WWL New Orleans 03/31/22
12 KFI Los Angeles 03/31/22
13 WFAN New York City 04/09/22 WEAF, WNBC, WRCA
14 WBT Charlotte 04/10/22
15 WSB Atlanta 04/11/22
16 KNBR San Francisco 04/17/22 KPO, KNBC
17 KSL Salt Lake City 04/21/22
18 WBAP Fort Worth 05/02/22
19 WJR Detroit 05/04/22
20 WTAM Cleveland 05/15/22 KYW, WKYC, WWWE
21 WGN Chicago 05/19/22
22 WHAS Louisville 07/13/22
23 KFBK Sacramento 08/16/22
24 WCCO Minneapolis 09/05/22
25 WOAI San Antonio 09/14/22
26 WABC New York City 05/12/23 WJZ
27 KOKC Oklahoma City 09/27/23 KFJF, KOMA
28 KGO San Francisco 01/22/24 Oakland
29 WLS Chicago 04/11/24
30 WHO Des Moines 04/15/24
31 KFAB Omaha 11/08/24 Lincoln
32 WBBM Chicago 11/14/24
33 KAAY Little Rock 12/19/24 KTHS Hot Springs
34 WTIC Hartford 01/27/25
35 KOA Denver 01/28/25
36 WCBS New York City 03/26/25 WABC-WBOQ
37 WOWO Fort Wayne 06/22/25 Converted to B
38 WLAC Nashville 09/11/25
39 WSM Nashville 10/26/25
40 WRVA Richmond 11/11/25
41 WMVP Chicago 07/13/26 WCFL, WLUP
42 KFAQ Tulsa 07/19/26 KVOO
43 KWKH Shreveport 08/06/26
44 WBAL Baltimore 08/24/26
45 WFED Washington 09/25/26 WJSV, WTFF, WTOP, WTWP, WWWT
46 KMOX St. Louis 10/23/26
47 WWKB Buffalo 11/01/26 WKBW
48 KRLD Dallas 11/03/26
49 WWVA Wheeling 12/06/26
50 KIRO Seattle 01/17/27 KPCB
51 WBBR New York City 01/30/27 WODA, WAAM, WNEW. Signon date vague.
52 KGA Spokane 02/04/27 Converted to B
53 KEX Portland 06/01/27
54 KSTP St. Paul 05/20/28
55 WCKY Cincinnati 09/16/29 WSAI Covington, Ky.
56 WFME New York City 06/29/34 WQXR, WQEW
57 KNZR Bakersfield 01/12/35 KPMC
58 KXEL Waterloo 01/27/43

Friday, September 11, 2020

FCC items

Pinellas Park, Florida: WTBN 570:
Granted power reduction to 250/730 DA-1; move site 29km southwest to WGUL-860 Dunedin site.

Woodbine, Georgia: WCGA 1100:
Granted STA to operate at unspecified abnormal parameters.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KLCL 1470:
OFF Aug. 27th, power lost at temporary facility.

West Fargo, North Dakota: KFNW 1200:
Granted move to new site 46-43-15/97-01-47.

Altoona, Pennsylvania: WTNA 1430:
Requests STA for 5,000/25 ND pending tower repairs.
I don't know if the STA was ever granted, but WTNA has been granted permanent permission for these facilities.

Hazleton, Pennsylvania: WAZL 1490:
Granted STA to operate at unspecified abnormal parameters.

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
Granted slight power reduction to 960/960 ND, to replace existing tower with one slightly taller.

Friday, September 04, 2020

FCC items

Helendale, California: KQTE 1450:
Granted change to 760/760 ND, 34-46-00/117-14-48; to relocate transmitter.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF Aug. 19th, temporary antenna damaged.

Ellijay, Georgia: WPGY 1580:
Correct coordinates to 34-41-57/84-28-42.

Madison, Georgia: WYTH 1250:
Granted STA for 500 watts to temporary long-wire antenna pending move to permanent tower.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura damage.

Sulphur, Louisiana: KEZM 1310:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura destroyed antenna.

Butte, Montana: KXTL 1370:
Granted daytime power reduction from 5kw to 1kw.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests STA to operate 400 watts at night (vs. licensed 1,000) with modified directional pattern.  Lawnmower knocked down tower #4.
STA granted Sept. 22nd.

Charlotte, North Carolina: WHVN 1240:
Requests STA 600/600 ND, 35-15-51/80-46-13; interim site using studio-transmitter link (STL) tower.  Lost existing transmitter site.
STA granted Sept. 24th.

West Fargo, North Dakota: KFNW 1200:
Requests move to 46-43-15/97-01-47; 50,000/13,000 DA-2; to move site.

Parma, Ohio: WCCD 1000:
Failed to file license renewal by June 1st deadline.  If a late renewal isn't filed, the WCCD license expires Oct. 1st.

Woodward, Oklahoma: KSIW 1450:
Correct coordinates to 36-25-37/99-24-22.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: WFYL 1180:
OFF Mar. 23rd.  Station lost lease, and its temporary site has been vandalized four times since October 2019.

Beaumont, Texas: KLVI 560:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at night at 25% power or "a higher power not exceeding licensed power while insuring that the radiated field strength does not exceed that authorized in any given azimuth..."

Beaumont, Texas: KZZB 990:
OFF Aug. 20th, no electrical service to transmitter site.  (although the STA request says the call letters are WLVV:) )

Middlebury, Vermont: WFAD 1490:
Requests power reduction to 960 watts ND; amendment from 966 watts.  Tower to be replaced with one slightly higher.