Friday, October 30, 2020

FCC & CRTC items

Fort Payne, Alabama: WFPA 1400:
Granted STA 200/200 ND, 34-26-32/85-43-17.  Temporary 167' wire antenna.  Tower destroyed in storm, and lost lease on site.  However, this has already been dismissed.

Fairbanks, Alaska: KCBF 820:
Granted site change to 64-48-31/147-29-39.

Tempe, Arizona: KQFN 1580:
Requests STA 7,000/95 ND, 33-23-21/111-59-53.  Lost site.  Wishes to share on the KSUN tower.

Culver City, California: KWIF 1500:
Requests power to 400/200 DA-2, 33-59-11/118-23-19.  Two towers, only 17m tall -- my ham antenna was bigger!

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
Pompano Beach, Florida: WWNN 1470:
Requests STAs for 350/350 ND and 5,000/625 ND respectively; to temporarily operate non-directionally from two towers of the existing WWNN six-tower array.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
OFF Aug. 27th, Hurricane Laura.

Gladstone, Missouri: KMVG 890:
Granted power to 1,000 DA-D, 39-03-49/94-30-37; to relocate to site of co-owned KDMR-1190 & slightly increase power from 960 watts.

Whitney, Nevada: KLSQ 870:
Requests STA 1,000/430 ND; to operate at reduced daytime power.  Night facility not affected.  Granted.

Fredericton, New Brunswick: CKHJ 1260:
Granted reduction of night power from 10,000 watts DA to 32 watts ND.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests power to 10,000/400 DA-2, 42-51-59/71-17-14.

New York, New York: WFME 1560:
Requests STA 50,000/50,000 DA-1; to use night facilities 24/7.  Survey company broke cables for antenna mode changes.  Granted.

Lillington, North Carolina: WLLN 1370:
OFF Oct. 28th pending repairs to equipment & tower fence.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania: WFYL 1180:
OFF Mar. 23rd.  Lost lease; vandalised four times at temporary site.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WBQL 1400:
Requests power to 380/380 ND, 36-32-31/87-19-32; to share on the WKFN-540 tower.

Fairfax, Virginia: WDCT 1310:
Granted STA 1,000/500 DA-2; to operate at 20% power daytime on auxiliary transmitter.  Main transmitter damaged by power surge.  Night facility not affected.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

FCC items

Newport, Arkansas: KNBY 1280:
OFF Oct. 16th, vandalized.

Monterey, California: KIDD 630:
Granted STA 300/250 ND, 36-36-56/121-53-53; to share on the KNRY-1240 tower.  Lost site.

Sylvania, Georgia: WSYL 1490:
Granted STA for 20 watts fulltime pending transmitter repairs.

Madisonville, Kentucky: WTTL 1310:
Daytime power reduced to 1kw.

Butte, Montana: KXTL 1370:
Daytime power reduced to 1kw.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 1kw to 600 watts.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania: WMBA 1460:
Granted power reduction to 120/110 ND; to remove two towers & go non-directional fulltime.

Lynchburg, Virginia: WLLL 930:
Granted STA for unspecified reduced power, "Require Equipment"??

Saturday, October 17, 2020

FCC items

Gadsden, Alabama: WAAX 570: 
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night, non-directionally.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF Aug. 19th, temporary antenna damaged.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KHXM 1370:
Calls changed from KUPA

Wellington, Kansas: KLEY 1130:
Winfield, Kansas: KKLE 1550:
OFF Aug. 26th, financial issues & studios seized by landlord.

Sulphur, Louisiana: KEZM 1310:
OFF Aug. 27th, antenna destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Lewiston, Maine: WIGY 1240:
Calls changed from WEZR.

Rumford, Maine: WEZR 780:
Calls changed from WIGY.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: KFXN 690:
Requests power increase to 1,700/5 ND, 45-01-24/93-22-53.  Lost a tower, which will not be replaced -- but no longer needs to protect KUSD Vermillion, S. Dak.  (which no longer exists)

Flowood, Mississippi: WZQK 1240:
Calls changed from WPBQ.

Gladstone, Missouri: KMVG 890:
Requests power increase to 1kw, 39-03-49/94-30-37.

Bedford, Pennsylvania: WRAX-1600:
Calls changed from WAYC

Charlottesville, Virginia: WCHV 1260:
Granted power reduction to 800 watts non-directional daytime only; to drop directional antenna, and cease nighttime operation altogether.

Parkersburg, West Virginia: WVAM 1450:
Calls changed from WHNK.

Jackson, Wyoming: KSGT 1340:
Granted STA 500/500 ND to temporary longwire antenna, 100' long at 25' above ground.  43-27-43/110-45-10.  Owner of licensed site unable to maintain diplexing gear.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

FCC items

Kingsley, Michigan: WJNL 1210:
Requests power reduction from 50,000 watts to 10,000.

Sparks, Nevada: KBZZ 1270:
Requests daytime power reduction from 13,000 watts to 10,000.

Wendell, North Carolina: WETC 540:
Power increased to 4,400 watts at night.  (daytime power remains 10,000)

Winner, South Dakota: KWYR 1260:
Request to correct coordinates to 43-23-08/99-54-38.

Big Spring, Texas: KBYG 1400:
OFF Sept. 8th, transmitter destroyed by lightning.

Moneta, Virginia: WSLK 880:
Requests STA for 130 watts non-directional daytime only to temporary longwire antenna.  Licensed tower site sold.  Transmitter itself is on a different adjacent property 400 feet away.  It will remain there, and the temporary antenna will be there as well.
STA granted.

Friday, October 02, 2020

FCC items

Marysville, California: KMYC 1410:
OFF July 21st, studios gutted by fire

East Point, Georgia: WMDG 1260:
OFF July 10th, lightning damage to transmitter

Centerville, Indiana: WHON 930:
Requests power reduction to 145/22 ND; to remove three towers and go non-directional

Decorah, Iowa: KDEC 1240:
Granted site change to 43-18-35/91-48-30; to delete KDEC's own facility and share on the KWLC transmitter.  The stations were already splitting time in the same city on the same frequency, but each station had its own transmitter.
This change is now implemented -- KDEC and KWLC are sharing the same transmitter.

Madisonville, Kentucky: WTTL 1310:
Granted nighttime power reduction to 40 watts non-directional.

Benton Harbor, Michigan: WHFB 1060:
Granted power to 3,000/1.3 ND, 42-04-44/86-28-01

Flowood, Mississippi: WZQK 1240:
Calls changed from WPBQ

Sanford, North Carolina: WWGP 1050:
Requests STA to operate at reduced daytime power of 400 watts pending transmitter repairs.  Day facilities unaffected.

Beulah, North Dakota: KDKT 1410:
Granted STA to operate at reduced power of 500 watts pending transmitter repairs

Madill, Oklahoma: KMAD 1550: 
OFF Sept. 29th, relocating studios

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: WTIL 1300:
Power increased to 5,000/800 DA-2, 18-09-17/67-09-08

Custer, South Dakota: KFCR 1490:
OFF Aug. 24th, equipment failure

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: WDXE 1370:
Granted power to 1,000/25 ND, 35-15-25/87-18-24

Roy, Utah: KANN 1120:
Requests STA to operate at reduced daytime power of 5kw due to phaser issues.  Night facility not affected.  Granted.

Richmond, Virginia: WFTH 1590:
Granted STA to use 135-foot longwire antenna pending demolition of existing tower & replacement.

Jackson, Wyoming: KSGT 1340:
Requests STA to use 100-foot longwire antenna at 43-27-43/110-45-10 with "...a power not to exceed 0.5 kW."  Owner of licensed site unable to maintain diplexing equipment.