Saturday, October 10, 2020

FCC items

Kingsley, Michigan: WJNL 1210:
Requests power reduction from 50,000 watts to 10,000.

Sparks, Nevada: KBZZ 1270:
Requests daytime power reduction from 13,000 watts to 10,000.

Wendell, North Carolina: WETC 540:
Power increased to 4,400 watts at night.  (daytime power remains 10,000)

Winner, South Dakota: KWYR 1260:
Request to correct coordinates to 43-23-08/99-54-38.

Big Spring, Texas: KBYG 1400:
OFF Sept. 8th, transmitter destroyed by lightning.

Moneta, Virginia: WSLK 880:
Requests STA for 130 watts non-directional daytime only to temporary longwire antenna.  Licensed tower site sold.  Transmitter itself is on a different adjacent property 400 feet away.  It will remain there, and the temporary antenna will be there as well.
STA granted.