Saturday, October 17, 2020

FCC items

Gadsden, Alabama: WAAX 570: 
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night, non-directionally.

Jacksonville, Florida: WZAZ 1400:
OFF Aug. 19th, temporary antenna damaged.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KHXM 1370:
Calls changed from KUPA

Wellington, Kansas: KLEY 1130:
Winfield, Kansas: KKLE 1550:
OFF Aug. 26th, financial issues & studios seized by landlord.

Sulphur, Louisiana: KEZM 1310:
OFF Aug. 27th, antenna destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Lewiston, Maine: WIGY 1240:
Calls changed from WEZR.

Rumford, Maine: WEZR 780:
Calls changed from WIGY.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: KFXN 690:
Requests power increase to 1,700/5 ND, 45-01-24/93-22-53.  Lost a tower, which will not be replaced -- but no longer needs to protect KUSD Vermillion, S. Dak.  (which no longer exists)

Flowood, Mississippi: WZQK 1240:
Calls changed from WPBQ.

Gladstone, Missouri: KMVG 890:
Requests power increase to 1kw, 39-03-49/94-30-37.

Bedford, Pennsylvania: WRAX-1600:
Calls changed from WAYC

Charlottesville, Virginia: WCHV 1260:
Granted power reduction to 800 watts non-directional daytime only; to drop directional antenna, and cease nighttime operation altogether.

Parkersburg, West Virginia: WVAM 1450:
Calls changed from WHNK.

Jackson, Wyoming: KSGT 1340:
Granted STA 500/500 ND to temporary longwire antenna, 100' long at 25' above ground.  43-27-43/110-45-10.  Owner of licensed site unable to maintain diplexing gear.

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