Friday, November 20, 2020

Denver, Colorado: KLDC 1220:
Requests power reduction to 500/14 DA-D, 39-50-40/104-57-11.  Lost site; moving to KLZ-560/KLVZ-810 site.

Atlanta, Georgia: WTZA 1010:
Granted STA to operate at half power (25kw) daytime due to "transmitter issues".

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1490:
Requests STA 120/120 ND, 45-46-15/111-13-26; interim facility using a tower from defunct KGVW-640's array.

New York City: WWRL 1600:
Granted STA 6,250/1,250 ND pending replacement of tower damaged in storm.

Greensboro, North Carolina: WKEW 1400:
Requests power to 760/760 ND, 36-03-42/79-47-35; to share on the antenna currently shared by WPET-950 & WEAL-1510.
Granted & moved.

Cayey, Puerto Rico: WLEY 1080:
OFF Oct. 31st, transmitter failure.