Friday, December 11, 2020

Fairbanks, Alaska: KCBF 820:
Changed site, now sharing with KFAR 660 at 64-48-30/147-29-38.

Kenai, Alaska: KPEN 840:
New station on the air, 5,000/1,900 ND, 60-30-38/151-16-12.

Fortuna, California: KNCR 1090:
OFF Dec. 1st, lost site.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
Requests site change to 26-10-49/80-13-15; 5,000/2,500 DA-2; to share on WWNN-1470's six towers.

Sylvania, Georgia: WJST 1490:
Calls changed from WSYL.

Agana, Guam: KVOG 1530:
Requests STA for 150 watts non-directional, 13-27-21/144-42-29 E; temporary site with 20-foot center-loaded whip atop a building.  Government temporarily evicted the station to redevelop the site as a visitor recreation facility.  They intend to allow the station to return once the facility is built.  However, due to COVID there have been no tourists on Guam since March - so the project is on hold.
STA granted.

Des Moines, Iowa: KWKY 1150:
Granted STA for 25% power during construction work.

Jennings, Louisiana: KJEF 1290: 
Calls changed from KKRC.

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1490:
OFF Nov. 25th pending relocation.

Derry, New Hampshire: WDER 1320:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 1,000 watts to 600, 42-52-01/71-17-18; amendment to add correction of coordinates.

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDSK 1240:
Granted STA 35-00-49/106-39-48; temporary 15m pole 22km south of existing site.  Lost site.

Greensboro, North Carolina: WWBG 1470:
OFF Nov. 4th, economic effects of COVID.

Columbus, Ohio: WWCD 1580:
Calls changed from WMYC.

Delaware, Ohio: WQCD 1550:
Calls changed from WDLR.

Marysville, Ohio: WDLR 1270:
Calls changed from WQTT.

Providence, Rhode Island: WPVD 1290:
Calls changed from WPPB.

West Warwick, Rhode Island: WWRI 1450:
Calls changed from WPVD.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WNZE 1400:
Calls changed from WBQL.

Selmer, Tennessee: WDTM 1150:
OFF Oct. 7th pending installation of new equipment.

Houston, Texas: KEYH 850:
OFF Dec. 31st, lease expiring.

Ogden, Utah: KMES 1430:
Calls changed from KLO.  (but the KLO call letters have moved to an FM station on 103.1)

Manassas, Virginia: WKDV 1460:
OFF Dec. 7th, lost site.

Marion, Virginia: WHNK 1330:
Calls changed from WSNQ.

Richmond, Virginia: WFTH 1590:
Requests power change to 5,000/24 ND, 37-30-01/77-27-23.

Pacific, Washington: KZIZ 1560:
Requests power reduction to 3,200/200 DA-N, 47-18-20/122-14-53; amendment to add site change.  (sharing at KMIA-1210 site)