Thursday, December 24, 2020

FCC items

Eureka, California: KEJY 760:
Requests move from 790, 500/310 ND, 40-48-02/124-07-39; to share on KWSW-980 towers.

Pensacola, Florida: WBSR 1450:
Requests relocation to co-owned WPNN-790 site, 30-27-09/87-14-26.

Baxter, Minnesota: WWWI 1270:
Requests daytime power increase from 5kw to 12kw.  Nighttime facility unchanged.


Doug Smith said...

WBSR request granted.

Doug Smith said...

KEJY request granted, though at 340 watts night instead of 310. To share on one of the KWSW-980 towers.