Friday, December 04, 2020

Montgomery, Alabama: WLWI 1440:
Requests STA to operate at 50% power daytime due to Hurricane Zeta damage.  Night power unaffected.  STA Granted.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama: WLAY 1450:
Granted move to 34-40-38/87-43-15; to share on the WVNA-1590 tower.

Prescott, Arkansas: KTPA 1370: 
Requests STA for 500 watts non-directional daytime pending permanent permission to reduce power.  Granted.
Permanent permission now requested.

Sherwood, Arkansas: KMTL 760:
OFF Oct. 17th, transmitter problems.

Beverly Hills, California: KMZT 1260:
Calls changed from KSUR.

Pearl City, Hawaii: KHXM 1370:
Granted power reduction to 250 watts;

Great Falls, Montana: KEIN 1310:
OFF Nov. 8th, transmitter malfunction.

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico: KDSK 1240:
Requests STA 35-00-49/106-39-48; 15m pole at temporary site 22km south of licensed.  Lost licensed site.  Plans to permanently move to this site.  STA granted.

Roswell, New Mexico: KCKN 1020:
Requests STA to operate on night pattern full time; granted.

Northwood, North Dakota: KMSR 1520:
Power increased to 1,500 watts & city changed from Mayville.

Woodburn, Oregon: KWBY 940:
Power increased to 10,000/200 ND.

Pulaski, Tennessee: WKSR 1420:
Night power reduced to 60 watts non-directional.  Day power remains 1kw.

Jasper, Texas: KCOX 1350:
OFF Nov. 7th, staffing difficulties.

Waukesha, Wisconsin: WGKB 1510:
Calls changed from WRRD.

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Doug Smith said...

KTPA granted permanent power reduction.