Thursday, December 31, 2020

Monument, Colorado: KPPF 1040:
Calls changed from KCBR.

Jacksonville, Florida: WBOB 600:
Requests removal of directional antenna, reduction of day power from 50kw to 20kw; and reduction of night power from 9.7kw to 80 watts.

Kalamazoo, Michigan: WTOU 1660:
Calls changed from WQLR.

Portage, Michigan:  WQLR 1560:
Calls changed from WTOU.

Clarksdale, Mississippi: WROX 1450:
OFF Nov. 23rd, foreclosure.

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: WFUZ 1240:
Calls changed from WQFM.

Barceloneta, Puerto Rico: WBQN 1160:
Requests site change to former WVOZ-1580 facility, 18-20-37/66-25-04.  Daytime power to remain 5kw DA; nighttime power reduced slightly from 2.5kw to 2.4kw.
Also requests STA 120 watts fulltime non-directional at 18-25-37/66-29-07; temporary long-wire antenna pending move to WVOZ site.
Requests STA to operate from new site at 1,500/2,800 DA-D pending proof of (directional antenna) performance.  Daytime power will increase to 6,100 watts when license-to-cover is granted.
Permanent permission granted.

Jackson, Tennessee: WTJF 1390:
Calls changed from WLLI.  Station was WTJS for most of its life but put those calls on a nearby FM station.

Gillette, Wyoming: KIML 1270:
Requests slight relocation of transmitter; to go non-directional full time; reduction of day power from 5kw to 1kw; and reduction of night power from 1kw to 40 watts.

Changes granted & implemented.



Doug Smith said...

WBQN application amended to specify 6,100 watts daytime, 2,800 watts night.

Doug Smith said...

KIML application granted.

Doug Smith said...

WBOB application granted.