Friday, April 09, 2021

FCC items

Phoenix, Arizona: KXEG 1280:

Granted STA for emergency ¼ wave (195’) end-fed wire antenna, 625 watts daytime only, 33-22-36/112-

18-37. (parking lot of Phoenix Raceway, Avondale)

Indianapolis, Indiana: WNDE 1260:

Granted STA for 25% night power non-directional, or a higher power that doesn’t exceed authorized field 

in any direction.

Indian Head, Maryland: WWGB 1030:

Granted STA for reduced power of 20kw pending transmitter repairs.

Hillsboro, Oregon: KUIK 1360:

OFF Apr. 12th pending transmitter repairs.

Portland, Oregon: KKPZ 1330:

OFF Apr. 30th pending sale.

Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania: WHYF 720:

Requests power increase from 2,000 watts to 2,500 and move roughly seven miles west to 40-18-12/76-

57-13. Lost existing site; will share one of the WHP-580/WXPA-850 towers.

Friday, April 02, 2021

FCC items

Opp, Alabama: WOPP 1290:
OFF Mar. 22nd, antenna system issues.

Barstow, California: KIQQ 1310:
OFF Mar. 24th, lost site.

Marysville, California: KMYC 1410:
Requests STA 1,000/250 ND pending antenna system repairs.

Sylvester, Georgia: WSYL 1490:
License surrendered for cancelation Mar. 10th.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri: KZIM 960:
Requests STA for 125 watts non-directional at night pending antenna repairs.  Coax cables cut in apparent theft attempt.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: WLLQ 1530:
Granted STA for reduced power of 300 watts pending transmitter repairs.

Greensboro, North Carolina: WEAL 1510:
OFF Mar. 22nd pending completion of facilities for WEAL-1510, WPET-950, and WKEW-1400 to share a common tower.

Vega Baja, Puerto Rico: WEGA 1350:
Requests power reduction to 360 watts daytime, 2,200 watts night, DA-2.

Jonesborough, Tennessee: WKTP 1590:
Has removed three towers, going non-directional & reducing power from 5,000 watts to 2,500 day, 37 night.

Nashville, Tennessee: WFCN 1200:
Granted STA for reduced power of 1,000 watts pending transmitter repairs.

Portsmouth, Virginia: WGPL 1350:
Requests STA for 1,000/260 ND, 36-51-39/76-21-13; temporary site, lost licensed site.

St. Albans, West Virginia: WJYP 1300:
OFF Mar. 24th, transmitter destroyed in flood.

Friday, March 26, 2021

FCC items

Carrville, Alabama: WALQ 1130:
OFF Mar. 21st, transmitter damaged in storm. 

Pensacola, Florida: WCOA 1370:
Requests permission to shorten towers & reduce night power from 5kw to 4kw; granted.

Fort Wayne, Indiana: WGL 1250:
Requests STA for 25% power (580/250 ND), sharing on the WIOE-1450 tower.  Lost site.

Toledo, Ohio: WWYC 1560:
Requests STA for reduced power of 80 watts due to transmitter failure.

Atlantic Beach, South Carolina: WMIR 1200:
Calls changed back from WJXY.

Friday, March 19, 2021

FCC items

Agana, Guam: KUAM 630:
Requests STA for 2.5kw, 13-20-27/144-39-04E.  Lost lease.  To use temporary "sloper" wire antenna on one of the KSDA shortwave towers. 

Elmhurst, Illinois: WCKG 1530:
Requests STA 190 watts non-directional daytime only, 41-52-03/87-55-07.  Emergency 43m end-fed wire and 25% power.  Illinois Tollway exercised eminent domain & took their site.  

Kent, Washington: KKDZ 1250:
Requests site change to use former KMIA-1210 night site at 47-18-00/122-11-23 full-time & change city from Seattle.

Friday, March 12, 2021

FCC items

Valley Head, Alabama: WQRX 870:
Granted STA; to operate at reduced power of 4kw pending delivery of new transmitter. 

Corona, California: KWRM 1370: 
Requests STA for temporary facility, 10 watts to 6m pole at 33-49-01/117-30-29.  Lost site.

Stockton, California: KWSX 1280:
Requests STA for non-directional operation at 25% power, or such higher power as doesn't exceed authorized radiation in any direction.  Cabling to tower #3 has failed.

North Fort Myers, Florida: WBCN 770:
Calls changed from WJBX.

Watertown, Minnesota: KPNP 1600:
Renewal not filed on time.  Due Dec. 1st, 2020 for a license expiring on April 1st, 2021; application not on file by Mar. 11th.

Charlotte, North Carolina: WJBX 1660:
Calls changed from WBCN.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WQDR 570:
Calls changed from WPLW

Kittanning, Pennsylvania: WKFO 1380:
Calls changed from WTYM

Ashland City, Tennessee: WCHQ 790:
Calls changed from WVWZ

Port Arthur, Texas: KOLE 1340:
OFF Feb. 19th, transmitter failure.

Burlington, Vermont: WCAT 1390:
Requests STA to operate daytime only pending antenna repairs.

Richmond, Virginia: WFTH 1590:
Granted nighttime power increase from 19 watts to 24.  Daytime remains unchanged.

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Mobile, Alabama: WNTM 710:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at night with 25% power due to antenna control system failure.  Might use higher power if possible without exceeding authorized field strength in any direction. 

Sweetwater, Florida: WXBN 880:
Calls changed from WZAB.

Douglas, Georgia: WDMG 860:
Requests reduction of daytime power from 5,000 watts to 1,000; of nighttime power from 5,000 watts to 28; and to go non-directional at night.  Station has been operating at 400 watts fulltime under STA.

Blackfoot, Idaho: KEII 690:
OFF Feb. 25th, transmitter failure.

Cicero, Illinois: WRLL 1450:
Requests permission to operate fulltime, taking over the hours of timeshare partner WCEV.  WCEV has been off since Jan. 20th, 2020 - which means under the law, its license expired on Jan. 20th, 2021.  WCEV's hours were 1pm-10pm weekdays; 1pm-8:30pm Saturdays; and 5am-10pm Sundays.  WRLL operates the remaining hours.
Strangely, while the two stations shared both a frequency and a tower, they appear to use separate transmitters.  WRLL's engineering exhibit includes two photos of space inside a building where it appears a transmitter was removed.  (a feedline is dangling from the ceiling; a power cord and audio cable lie on the floor)  Adjacent to the abandoned space is what appears to be the WRLL transmitter - a rather old unit of appropriate size for 1kw, with a sheet taped to the front that appears to show WRLL's authorized hours.
Most timesharing groups I'm aware of either shared the same transmitter, or broadcast from different sites.

Lewisville, North Carolina: WSGH 1040:
OFF Mar. 1st, time brokerage agreement terminated.

Sapulpa, Oklahoma: KYAL 1550:
Requests STA for 625 watts daytime/22 watts night pending repairs to damage caused by copper thieves.

Norristown, Pennsylvania: WNAP 1110:
OFF Mar. 1st, site sold.

Amarillo, Texas: KDJW 1010:
Amarillo, Texas: KTNZ 1360:
Stations have swapped callsigns - 1010 from KTNZ to KDJW, 1360 from KDJW to KTNZ.

Kenova, West Virginia: WZWB 1420:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at night with 25% power due to feedline damage.  Might use higher power if possible without exceeding authorized field strength in any direction. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

FCC items

Gilroy, California: KAZA 1290:
Power reduced from 5,000/88 to 1,500/19; relocated site.

Orlando, Florida: WTLN 990:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power due to directional antenna failure.

Terre Haute, Indiana: WPFR 1480:
Requests STA 250/250 ND pending repairs to antenna system; granted.

Golden Meadow, Louisiana: KLEB 1600:
Requests removal of directional antenna & power reduction from 5,000/250 DA-2 to 720/60 ND.

Parsippany, New Jersey: WXMC 1310:
Granted STA to operate at 25% power non-directional due to storm damage.

Horseheads, New York: WLNL 1000:
OFF March 1st, financial difficulties.

New York City: WFME 1560:
OFF Feb. 12th, sold site.  Will return from new site.

Friday, February 19, 2021

FCC items

Athens, Alabama: WVNN 770:
Requests permission to delete 250-watt directional nighttime facility (at alternate location) and correct daytime coordinates to 34-45-02/86-47-58.

Orlando, Florida: WTLN 990:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at 25% power pending antenna system repairs.

Bangor, Maine: WTOS 910:
Gone non-directional at night with 210 watts.  Day facilities unchanged.

Manchester, New Hampshire: WFEA 1370:
Requests STA to operate at reduced daytime power of 4.1kw (vs. licensed 5kw) pending readjustment of out-of-tolerance directional antenna system.  Granted. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

FCC items

St. Louis, Missouri: KXEN 1010:
Requests power reduction to 160 watts daytime/14 watts night, 38-38-09/90-11-45.  Appears to be the KDNL-TV 30 studio-transmitter link tower at 13th & Cole Sts. downtown. 

Moriarty, New Mexico: KEMR 1080:
Requests frequency change from 1090 Milan, 2,500 watts daytime only, 35-00-33/105-54-59; amendment from 400 watts.

Graham, North Carolina: WSML 1200:
Requests STA 5,000 watts non-directional daytime only; suspending nighttime operations until permit to move to new site can be implemented.  Granted.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WQDR 570:
Calls changed back from WPLW.

Raleigh, North Carolina: WPTF 680:
Requests STA for 10,000 watts non-directional fulltime pending repairs to transmitter & antenna.  Granted.

Clarksburg, West Virginia: WXKX 1340:
Requests power reduction to 760 watts non-directional, 39-17-21/80-18-55.

Friday, February 05, 2021

FCC items

Hope, Arkansas: KXAR 1490; Prescott, Arkansas: KTPA 1370:
OFF Feb. 5th until storm damage can be repaired. 

Siloam Springs, Arkansas: KUOA 1290:
OFF Jan. 31st pending construction of new studios.

Jacksonville, Florida: WNNR 970:
Granted STA for 25% power non-directional pending repairs to second tower destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
OFF Feb. 2nd pending move to new site.

Winter Haven, Florida: WSIR 1490:
OFF Feb. 1st, station being sold.

Smyrna, Georgia: WAZX 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.

Caldwell, Idaho: KCID 1490:
Moved to 43-39-57/116-38-01.

Augusta, Maine: WMDR 1340:
OFF Jan. 19th, audio bleedover into WWWA-95.3 studio-transmitter link.

Everett, Massachusetts: WKOX 1430:
Granted power reduction to 2,500/26 ND, 42-26-09/70-59-35; to share on the WROL-950 tower.

Greenville, North Carolina: WNCT 1070:
Requests to go non-directional full time and reduce day power from 50kw to 5kw and night power from 10kw to 13 watts.

Kittanning, Pennsylvania: WKFO 1380:
Calls changed from WTYM.

York, Pennsylvania: WSBA 910:
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night (250 watts) pending repair of antenna array.  Daytime facility unaffected.  STA granted.

Burleson, Texas: KCLE 1460:
Vancouver, Washington: KKOV 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.

Friday, January 29, 2021

FCC items

South Lake Tahoe, California: KTHO 590:
Requests STA for 100 watts non-directional to long-wire at least 20 feet long and no more than 50 feet high at 38-56-23/119-57-21.  (seems rather small, especially for 590KHz!)  Lost site. 

Honolulu, Hawaii: KPRP 650: 
OFF Jan. 17th, transmitter failed and parts are difficult to find.

Houston, Texas: KXYZ 1320:
Requests power to 8,400/2,800 DA-1, 29-54-56/95-27-42; to share on KBME-790 towers.

Burlington, Vermont: WCAT 1390:
Request to go non-directional at night & reduce night power to 60 watts.

Friday, January 22, 2021

FCC items

Marco Island, Florida: WCNZ 1660:
OFF Jan. 10th.  Transmitter building destroyed by fire a year ago.  It operated for one day under Special Temporary Authority for 1,000 watts, but it must remove the temporary transmitter in order to build a permanent facility.

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1480:
Requests frequency change from 1490, daytime power increase to 3,000 watts, nighttime power decrease to 150 watts, and site change to 45-46-15/111-13-26.  (an existing tower in Belgrade, Mont., although I can't find any broadcast station licensed to that site)

Los Alamos, New Mexico: KRSN 1490:
OFF Oct. 31st; lost advertisers due to COVID-19.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma: KJMU 1340:
OFF Oct. 1st; lost programming source due to COVID-19.

Hamilton, Texas: KCLW 900:
OFF Jan. 10th; moisture damage to transmitter.

The following stations' applications have been granted and/or implemented:

WHON 930 Centerville, Indiana
KEYS 1440 Corpus Christi, Texas

Search the blog for details.

Friday, January 15, 2021

FCC & CRTC items

Oildale, California: KGSV 660:
OFF Jan. 11th, lost lease.

Egypt Lake, Florida: WMGG 1470:
Converted to digital-only mode.

Agana, Guam: KVOG 1530:
OFF (again) Jan. 6th pending renovation of site.

Toronto, Ontario: CHHA 1610:
Granted power increase to 10kw.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania: WNPV 1440:
Requests STA 124/22 ND pending a decision on a permanent facility. 

Spartanburg, South Carolina: WORD 950:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 5,000 watts to 65 & to go non-directional.

Clarksville, Tennessee: WNZE 1400: 
OFF Jan. 12th, reason not given.

Friday, January 08, 2021

FCC items

Numerous previously-requested changes have been granted, and previously-granted changes are on the air.  

Niagara Falls, New York: WEBR 1440:
Site changed to an adjacent property at 43-04-52/79-00-59.

Charlotte, North Carolina: WBCN 1660:
OFF Dec. 31st, lost site.