Friday, January 22, 2021

FCC items

Marco Island, Florida: WCNZ 1660:
OFF Jan. 10th.  Transmitter building destroyed by fire a year ago.  It operated for one day under Special Temporary Authority for 1,000 watts, but it must remove the temporary transmitter in order to build a permanent facility.

Bozeman, Montana: KYWL 1480:
Requests frequency change from 1490, daytime power increase to 3,000 watts, nighttime power decrease to 150 watts, and site change to 45-46-15/111-13-26.  (an existing tower in Belgrade, Mont., although I can't find any broadcast station licensed to that site)

Los Alamos, New Mexico: KRSN 1490:
OFF Oct. 31st; lost advertisers due to COVID-19.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma: KJMU 1340:
OFF Oct. 1st; lost programming source due to COVID-19.

Hamilton, Texas: KCLW 900:
OFF Jan. 10th; moisture damage to transmitter.

The following stations' applications have been granted and/or implemented:

WHON 930 Centerville, Indiana
KEYS 1440 Corpus Christi, Texas

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