Friday, January 29, 2021

FCC items

South Lake Tahoe, California: KTHO 590:
Requests STA for 100 watts non-directional to long-wire at least 20 feet long and no more than 50 feet high at 38-56-23/119-57-21.  (seems rather small, especially for 590KHz!)  Lost site. 

Honolulu, Hawaii: KPRP 650: 
OFF Jan. 17th, transmitter failed and parts are difficult to find.
Requests STA for reduced power of 1kw pending transmitter replacement; granted.

Houston, Texas: KXYZ 1320:
Requests power to 8,400/2,800 DA-1, 29-54-56/95-27-42; to share on KBME-790 towers.

Burlington, Vermont: WCAT 1390:
Request to go non-directional at night & reduce night power to 60 watts.


Doug Smith said...

KTHO STA granted.

Doug Smith said...

KXYZ request amended to 8,800/2,400 ND, 29-48-17/95-16-43; to diplex on KPRC-950.

Doug Smith said...

WCAT request granted.

Doug Smith said...

KXYZ request granted.