Friday, February 05, 2021

FCC items

Hope, Arkansas: KXAR 1490; Prescott, Arkansas: KTPA 1370:
OFF Feb. 5th until storm damage can be repaired. 
KXAR returned to the air Feb. 4th, 2022 at 50% power under STA.
KTPA license canceled same date.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas: KUOA 1290:
OFF Jan. 31st pending construction of new studios.

Jacksonville, Florida: WNNR 970:
Granted STA for 25% power non-directional pending repairs to second tower destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WHSR 980:
OFF Feb. 2nd pending move to new site.

Winter Haven, Florida: WSIR 1490:
OFF Feb. 1st, station being sold.

Smyrna, Georgia: WAZX 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.

Caldwell, Idaho: KCID 1490:
Moved to 43-39-57/116-38-01.

Augusta, Maine: WMDR 1340:
OFF Jan. 19th, audio bleedover into WWWA-95.3 studio-transmitter link.

Everett, Massachusetts: WKOX 1430:
Granted power reduction to 2,500/26 ND, 42-26-09/70-59-35; to share on the WROL-950 tower.
Power reduced.

Greenville, North Carolina: WNCT 1070:
Requests to go non-directional full time and reduce day power from 50kw to 5kw and night power from 10kw to 13 watts.

Kittanning, Pennsylvania: WKFO 1380:
Calls changed from WTYM.

York, Pennsylvania: WSBA 910:
Requests STA to operate at 25% power at night (250 watts) pending repair of antenna array.  Daytime facility unaffected.  STA granted.

Burleson, Texas: KCLE 1460:
Vancouver, Washington: KKOV 1550:
OFF Jan. 28th, COVID.


Doug Smith said...

WNCT has requested Special Temporary Authority to immediately implement the power reduction pending FCC approval of permanent changes.

Doug Smith said...

WNCT STA granted.