Friday, March 19, 2021

FCC items

Agana, Guam: KUAM 630:
Requests STA for 2.5kw, 13-20-27/144-39-04E.  Lost lease.  To use temporary "sloper" wire antenna on one of the KSDA shortwave towers. 

Elmhurst, Illinois: WCKG 1530:
Requests STA 190 watts non-directional daytime only, 41-52-03/87-55-07.  Emergency 43m end-fed wire and 25% power.  Illinois Tollway exercised eminent domain & took their site.  
Requests amendment of above STA.  Tower #1 of two-tower array was removed, but tower #2 is still standing.  Station wishes to use that tower instead of the 43m wire mentioned above.
STA amendment granted.
Requests further amendment, to change STA site to 41-51-46/87-55-26.  
This amendment also granted.

Kent, Washington: KKDZ 1250:
Requests site change to use former KMIA-1210 night site at 47-18-00/122-11-23 full-time & change city from Seattle.
Requests STA to activate this new site, non-directionally at night with 1,250 watts.