Friday, April 30, 2021

FCC items

Cave Creek, Arizona: KFNX 1100:
Granted STA for 1,000 watts fulltime.  50kw day transmitter damaged by fire. 

San Francisco, California: KTRB 860:
Requests relocation of nighttime facility to daytime site, 32km west of existing night facility; and to reduce night power to 6kw.  No commercial power available at night site, and generator operation is prohibitively expensive.

Miami, Florida: WIOD 610:
Requests STA to operate on day pattern at night, with power reduced as required to keep nulls within limits.
STA dismissed, station has been able to return to licensed parameters.

Newnan, Georgia: WCOH 1400:
Requests STA for temporary long wire antenna, 36m long & sloping from 31m at one end, down to 3m at the other end.  Granted.

Decatur, Indiana: WJZI 1540:
OFF Dec. 4th pending location of permanent site.

Rockville, Maryland: WLXE 1600:
Requests deletion of nighttime directional antenna & night power reduction to 9 watts.

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota: WMIN 1010:
Requests STA 425/60 ND during rebuild of phasing system.  Granted.

Bozeman, Montana: KBOZ 1090:
Granted STA 1,250/1,250 ND to prevent running afoul of the off-over-a-year rule.

Carlsbad, New Mexico: KCCC 930:
OFF Jan. 11th, economic effects of COVID.

Greenville, North Carolina: WNCT 1070:
Requests STA for reduced power of 5kw day & night.  50kw transmitter failure.  Granted.

Lake Oswego, Oregon: KDZR 1640:
Requests site change to 45-28-38/122-45-05.
Granted.  This is the KPDQ-800 site.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: WNWR 1540:
Requests STA 1,200 ND-D; to operate with critical hours facility during the day pending construction of newly authorized facilities.

West Valley City, Utah: KMRI 1550:
Returned to the air with temporary facilities Mar. 16th but went back off on the 17th pending sale.

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