Saturday, July 24, 2021

FCC items

Fresno, California: KYNO 940:
Fresno, California: KFIG 1430:
Swapped callsigns - 940 from KFIG to KYNO; 1430 from KYNO to KFIG.

Long Beach, California: KFRN 1280:
Granted STA for 690 watts non-directional fulltime at 33-53-30/118-11-03.  To temporarily share on one of the KLTX-1390 towers.

Fort Myers, Florida: WZKO 1350:
Granted STA to operate at reduced daytime power of 250 watts (vs. licensed 2kw) pending antenna repairs.

Dalton, Georgia: WDAL 1430:
Requests daytime power reduction from 2,500 watts to 2,100; nighttime increase from 72 to 75; and move to 34-45-22/84-57-03.  To share on the WBLJ-1230 tower.
Request granted.

Laurel, Maryland: WACA 900:
Calls changed from WCLM.

Flint, Michigan: WWCK 1570:
OFF June 24th, transmitter failure.

Vinton, Virginia: WKBA 1550:
Granted STA 1,000 watts non-directional daytime only.  (vs. licensed 10kw)  Copper theft disabled directional antenna. 

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