Saturday, August 14, 2021

FCC items

Bentonville, Arkansas: KREB 1190:
Rogers, Arkansas: KFFK 1390:

Request STAs for 40 watts (KREB)/50 watts (KFFK) to a longwire antenna 50' long, 20' high at 36-23-17/94-11-35 pending relocation.  Site seems to be an existing tower on Tiger Blvd. and J Street.
STAs granted.
Stations went OFF Sept. 9th pending move to new site.

Wilmington, Delaware: WWTX 1290:
Requests STA to temporarily share on the WILM-1450 tower at 1.1kw pending replacement of WWTX's own tower.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida: WFDM 1400:
OFF Aug. 12th, lost tower.

Jupiter, Florida: WJBW 1000:
OFF July 21st, vandalism & delays in local permits for a more secure site.

Centerville, Indiana: WHON 930: 
OFF June 23rd, not economically viable & towers have been dismantled.
License canceled Sept. 21st.

Indianapolis, Indiana: WFNI 1070:
OFF Aug. 3rd, sold site.  
This site was a landmark along I-65 north of the city.  I drove past (twice) in late July and the towers were still standing.  They aren't anymore. Returned to the air Aug. 1st with 200 watts to a temporary whip antenna at the studio site.

Lake Charles, Louisiana: KXZZ 1580:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at reduced power of ten watts to avoid running afoul of the off-over-a-year rule.  Station has been off since Hurricane Laura.

Adrian, Michigan: WABJ 1490:
OFF August 2nd, relocating studios.

Peralta, New Mexico: KVVD 1120:
Requests power to 1,000 watts daytime, non-directional, 34-51-25/106-41-33.

Fulton, New York: WOSW 1300:
OFF July 15th, storm damage.

Rossford, Ohio: WPAY 1520:
OFF July 16th pending equipment upgrades.
Returned to the air June 8th, 2022.

Winchester, Virginia: WZFC 1400:
Requests STA for 800 watts non-directional sharing on a WXVA-610 tower at 39-07-26/78-12-44.
STA granted.

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