Friday, September 24, 2021

FCC (and Mexican) items

Mexico City, CDMX: XEINFO 1560:
License canceled Nov. 26th, 2019; moved to FM.

Centerville, Indiana: WHON 930:
License canceled Sept. 21st.

Boston, Massachusetts: WILD 1090:
Requests relocation to the WJDA-1300 site at 42-15-35/70-58-34; and power reduction from 4,800 watts to 2,700.  (daytime only)

Ixtaqpan de la Sal, Edo. Mexico: XEXI 1400:
License canceled Aug. 10th, 2019; moved to FM.

Whitehall, Michigan: WLAW 1490:
Calls changed from WBBL.

Syracuse, New York: WSKO 1260:
Granted STA to operate non-directionally at night at 25% power (1,250 watts) pending repairs to antenna system.

Shallotte, North Carolina: WVCB 1410:
OFF Sept. 15th, transmitter failure.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: XERI 810:
License canceled June 16th; moved to FM 102.9.

Friday, September 17, 2021

FCC items

Denver, Colorado: KLDC 1220:
Requests power increase from 660/11 non-directional to 1,000/12, directional daytime only, 39-39-29/105-00-51.  
Granted.  New coordinates are the KGNU-1390 tower.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WWNN 1470:
Requests removal of two towers from six-tower array & reduction of daytime power from 50,000 watts to 35,000.
Amended from 35,000 watts to 30,000.

Somonauk, Illinois: WDYS 1480:
Requests power reduction to 250/10 ND, 41-40-06/88-34-06; amendment to add night power.

Alexandria, Louisiana: KSYL 970:
Requests removal of nighttime directional antenna & reduction of night power to 120 watts.  Daytime facility not affected.
Removal granted.

Franklinton, Louisiana: WOMN 1110: (Aug. 29th)
New Orleans, Louisiana: WSHO 800: (Aug. 31st-Sept. 13th)
New Orleans, Louisiana: WYLD 940: (Aug. 30th-Sept. 2nd)
New Orleans, Louisiana: WODT 1280: (Aug. 30th)
New Orleans, Louisiana: WWWL 1350: (Sept. 1st-5th)
Columbia, Mississippi: WCJU 1450: (Aug. 31st-Sept. 3rd)
Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WHSY 950: (Aug. 31st-Sept. 3rd)
These stations were off due to Hurricane Ida.  (WOMN says Rita but I think that's a typo)  WOMN and WODT are still off as of Sept. 17th.  

Faribault, Minnesota: KDHL 920:
Power reduced to 3,300/1,000 DA-2.

Painesville, Ohio: WABQ 1460:
Granted STA to operate at reduced power of approximately 100 watts pending repairs to transmission system.

Eugene, Oregon: KOPB 1600: (and 1750:)
Requests STA to operate with spurious emission on 1750KHz that exceeds FCC specs.  (by 12dB daytime and 5dB nighttime)  Spur is the result of mixing with KEED-1450, so you may hear both stations' programming mixed on 1750.  

Bassett, Virginia: WCBX 900:
OFF Sept. 6th, unknown equipment malfunction.

Friday, September 10, 2021

FCC items

West Sacramento, California: KIFM 1320:
Requests move of night facility to existing day site & night power reduction from 5,000 watts to 620. 

Golden Meadow, Louisiana: KLEB 1600:
OFF Aug. 29th, major destruction by Hurricane Ida.  (although the tower is still standing)

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota: WMIN 1010:
Requests power increase to 2,500 watts daytime; 230 watts night; directional, different patterns day & night.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: KTSB 1170:
Calls changed from KFAQ.  I suppose it stands for "Sports Blitz" -- station slogan is "The Blitz".

Logan, Utah: KVNU 610:
Requests daytime power increase from 10,000 watts non-directional to 22,000 directional.  Night facilities unchanged.

Friday, September 03, 2021

FCC items

Wetumpka, Alabama: WRBZ 1250:
Requests relocation to WMGY-800 site at 34-24-49/86-17-25 & power reduction from 5,000/80 to 3,800/65.  Lease expiring at existing site.
Relocation granted.

Ulysses, Kansas: KULY 1420:
Requests STA 500/500 DA-1; to operate on night pattern full time.  Installation of K249FI translator antenna made it impossible to operate with day pattern.

Houma, Louisiana: KJIN 1490:
OFF Aug. 29th, utility power lost due to Hurricane Ida.

New Orleans, Louisiana: WSHO 800; WYLD 940; WODT 1280:
OFF Sept. 1st (WSHO), Aug. 30th (WYLD & WODT).
WODT possibly back on Sept. 1st?
Hurricane Ida.

Columbia, Mississippi: WCJU 1450:
OFF Sept. 1st, Hurricane Ida

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WHSY 950:
OFF Sept. 1st, Hurricane Ida

Plattsburgh, New York: WJMP 1070:
Calls changed from WPLB

Raleigh, North Carolina: WKIX 850:
Calls changed back from WPTK

Maryville, Tennessee: WTLT 1120:
Calls changed from WJMP

Humble, Texas: KGOL 1180:
OFF Aug. 29th, site sold.

Longview, Washington: KEDO 1270 & KBAM 1400:
Swapped callsigns.  KBAM 1270 now KEDO, and KEDO 1400 now KBAM.