Friday, September 03, 2021

FCC items

Wetumpka, Alabama: WRBZ 1250:
Requests relocation to WMGY-800 site at 34-24-49/86-17-25 & power reduction from 5,000/80 to 3,800/65.  Lease expiring at existing site.
Relocation granted.

Ulysses, Kansas: KULY 1420:
Requests STA 500/500 DA-1; to operate on night pattern full time.  Installation of K249FI translator antenna made it impossible to operate with day pattern.

Houma, Louisiana: KJIN 1490:
OFF Aug. 29th, utility power lost due to Hurricane Ida.

New Orleans, Louisiana: WSHO 800; WYLD 940; WODT 1280:
OFF Sept. 1st (WSHO), Aug. 30th (WYLD & WODT).
WODT possibly back on Sept. 1st?
Hurricane Ida.

Columbia, Mississippi: WCJU 1450:
OFF Sept. 1st, Hurricane Ida

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: WHSY 950:
OFF Sept. 1st, Hurricane Ida

Plattsburgh, New York: WJMP 1070:
Calls changed from WPLB

Raleigh, North Carolina: WKIX 850:
Calls changed back from WPTK

Maryville, Tennessee: WTLT 1120:
Calls changed from WJMP

Humble, Texas: KGOL 1180:
OFF Aug. 29th, site sold.

Longview, Washington: KEDO 1270 & KBAM 1400:
Swapped callsigns.  KBAM 1270 now KEDO, and KEDO 1400 now KBAM.

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