Friday, October 01, 2021

FCC items

Denver, Colorado: KRKS 990:
Denver, Colorado: KBJD 1650: 
These stations share a tower; they wish to relocate the tower on their existing site.
KBJD application granted.  KRKS still pending.

Geneva, Illinois: WDYS 1480:
OFF Sept. 29th pending move to new site.
Back on the air in mid-February 2022.

Peoria, Illinois: WOAM 1350:
OFF Sept. 24th, transmitter issues.

Terre Haute, Indiana: WPFR 1480:
OFF Sept. 21st, transmitter failure.

Alexandria, Louisiana: KDBS 1410:
Requests relocation to KSYL-970 site (31-19-36/92-29-23) and reduction in night power from 30 watts to 28.
Relocation granted.

Walkersville, Maryland: WDMV 700:
Requests installation of an additional tower & increase in power from 5,000 watts to 50,000.  (daytime only)

Muskogee, Oklahoma: KBIX 1490:
Requests STA for 450 watts to new tower, 54m (about 160') from the existing one.

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