Friday, November 05, 2021

FCC items

Douglasville, Georgia: WDCY 1520:
Relocated to 33-45-49/84-41-21; power increased from 2,500/800 to 2,700/890.

Duluth, Minnesota: WQRM 850:
Requests STA to resume operations (after fire) at reduced power of 1kw.  
Gotta love that callsign!
STA granted.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: WURD 900:
Requests power change to 1,060/125, directional daytime only; to shorten towers to address structural issues.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: KNWC 1270:
Requests STA to use night facilities during the day pending repair of rodent damage.

Houston, Texas: KILT 610:
Requests power reduction from 5,000 watts day & night to 4,000 daytime, 2,500 night, directional full time with two different patterns, at 29-59-35/95-28-21.  
To relocate to the KNTH-1070 site.

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin: WFHR 1320:
Requests nighttime power reduction from 500 watts to 89 & to go non-directional.  Requests STA for same facilities pending permanent approval.
Permanent permission granted, and on the air.


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