Friday, December 03, 2021

FCC items

Busy this week!

Somerville, Alabama: WAFN 1310:
Calls changed from WKZD.

Newnan, Georgia: WRZX 1400:
Requests power reduction from 1,000 watts to 700 & relocation to 33-22-31/84-47-08.
Granted.  New site is that of WNEA-1300.

Honolulu, Hawaii: KSSK 590:
Honolulu, Hawaii: KHVH 830:
Honolulu, Hawaii: KIKI 990:
Request power increases from 7.5 to 7.8kw; from 10 to 11kw; and from 5 to 5.7 kw after shortening shared antenna by removing antenna for KUBT-FM.
All three increases granted.

Lafayette, Indiana: WSHY 1410:
Power reduced from 1,000/60 to 260/29; directional antenna removed.

Shelbyville, Indiana: WSVX 1520:
OFF Nov. 11th, equipment failure.

Rochester, Minnesota: KOLM 1520:
Requests STA to operate non-directionally at night at 25% power (200 watts) pending repairs.  Daytime facilities not affected.  Granted.

Rockville, Minnesota: KYES 1180:
Granted STA for reduced daytime power of 9,000 watts (vs. licensed 50,000) pending tuning system repairs.

Quitman, Mississippi: WQMS 1500:
Requests STA for 450 watts non-directional daytime only to a 75m longwire.  Lost site.  STA granted.

Farmington, New Mexico: KRZE 1280:
Relocated to KNDN-960 tower & reduced night power from 108 watts to 95.  (day power not affected)

Peralta, New Mexico: KVVD 1100:
New station on the air, 1,000 watts daytime only non-directional, 34-51-25/106-41-33.

New City, New York: WRKL 910:
OFF Oct. 22nd, landowner removed equipment by mistake.

Bellaire, Ohio: WLYV 1290:
Calls changed form WLIE.

Canton, Ohio: WINW 1520:
OFF Nov. 7th, lost temporary site.

Hampton, South Carolina: WHGS 1270:
Requests STA for 1,000 watts non-directional daytime only with longwire on existing tower.  Financially unable to repair licensed antenna.
STA granted.

Aberdeen, South Dakota: KSDN 930:
Requests removal of directional antenna and reduction of daytime power from 5,000 watts to 1,000 and night power from 1,000 watts to 270.

Brentwood, Tennessee: WNSR 560:
Requests move of day site to WENO-760 tower (night facility is already there) and reduction of power from 4,500 watts to 2,000.  Night facility not affected.

Newport News, Virginia: WPMH 1270:
Portsmouth, Virginia: WHKT 1010:
Swapped calls.

Clarksburg, West Virginia: WXKX 1340:
Relocated slightly to 39-17-21/80-18-54; power reduced from 1,000 watts to 760.

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