Saturday, December 11, 2021

FCC items

Fort Payne, Alabama: WFPA 1400:
OFF July 28th to save money pending acquisition of tower site.

Cortaro, Arizona: KVOI 1030:
Requests STA for 25% nighttime power (250 watts) due to technical difficulties.
STA granted.

Pueblo, Colorado: KFEL 970:
Granted STA for reduced daytime power of 900 watts (vs. 5,000 licensed), transmitter malfunction.
Power further reduced to 200 watts Jan. 19th.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania: WPPA 1360:
Granted STA for 25% power (1,250 daytime, 125 watts night); feedlines for directional antenna stolen.

Georgetown, South Carolina: WLMC 1470:
Requests STA for 250 watts daytime, 36 night, non-directional sharing on the WGTN-1400 tower pending permission for permanent use.
Application for this permanent use has been filed, specifying 420 watts day, 90 at night.
STA granted.

Houston, Texas: KEYH 850:
Requests STA for wire antenna adjacent to 240' tower at 29-49-34/95-22-37, 100 watts pending arrangement of permanent antenna.  Lost site.  I suspect the engineer is a ham as this is the first time I've seen a grid square specified for a broadcast tower.  (EL29ht) 
STA granted.

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