Saturday, December 18, 2021

FCC items

Wetumpka, Alabama: WRBZ 1250:
Granted relocation to WMGY-800 site at 32-24-49/86-17-15, and reduction in power from 5,000 watts to 3,800 daytime and from 80 to 65 at night. 

Cortaro, Arizona: KVOI 1030:
Granted STA for 25% power (250 watts) at night pending repairs.

Sedona, Arizona: KAZM 780:
Requests removal of nighttime directional antenna & night power reduction from 250 watts to 95.
And removed/reduced.

Monterey, California: KSUR 630:
Calls changed from KIDD.

Palm River, Florida: WHOT 1590:
Calls changed from WTPA.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WTPA 980:
Calls changed from WHSR.

Pompano Beach, Florida: WWNN 1470:
Requests daytime power reduction from 50,000 watts to 30,000 and removal of two towers from nighttime array.  Amendment from 35,000 watts.

Idaho Falls, Idaho: KID 590:
OFF Nov. 1st, lost site.

Omaha, Nebraska: KIBM 1490:
Requests STA to operate from new site (shared with co-owned KCRO-660) pending grant of permanent license.
Granted, at reduced power of 930 watts.
Requested permanent license at 970 watts day/900 watts night.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina: WWNT 1380:
Requests STA for reduced power of 1,000 watts pending transmitter repairs and reconnection to utility power.  (currently operating from generator)  Granted.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: WRKY 1490:
Calls changed from WLPA.

Cypress, Texas: KYND 1520:
Requests STA for unspecified reduced power pending repair/replacement of antenna monitor.

University Park, Texas: KZMP 1540:
OFF Dec. 7th, lost site.

Manassas, Virginia: WKDV 1460:
OFF Dec. 4th, lost site.

Portsmouth, Virginia: WTJZ 1650:
Calls changed from WHKT.

Winchester, Virginia: WZFC 1400:
Requests relocation to WXVA-610 tower at 39-07-26/78-12-44.  
Same facilities as existing STA but at increased power of 1,000 watts.

Portage, Wisconsin: WEZY 1350:
Calls changed from WPDR.

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